Darth Mandarb @ 3/25/2015 05:42 commented on Flying Steampunk Monster

Really nice and fluid animation.

The only thing that catches my eye is that, based on the perceived light source, the rotar blades (and the cap thing) should be casting shadows on the main body area of the creature (and a few other areas where the objects don't cast shadows).

That aside this is still stellar work.

Darth Mandarb @ 2/12/2015 07:50 commented on CHICHEN ITZA

I have been there... you captured the likeness nicely.  Yours looks more like it would have looked when it was built rather than how it looks now (falling apart and dirty) but it's instantly recognizable.

Darth Mandarb @ 12/19/2014 15:13 commented on Planete Atari

Is Centauri piloting the car/ship?

Darth Mandarb @ 7/4/2014 05:54 commented on Extreme Exorcism - LEVEL SELECTION

STELLAR work here!  Really well executed.

The only thing that niggled me a bit was the room right below the chimney... the spurting flame doesn't seem to have the same lighting effect on its surroundings as the other moving light-sources have on theirs.  Still, this is a minor nitpick.  The over-all piece is fantastic.  Can't wait to see more from this game.

Darth Mandarb @ 4/2/2014 14:46 commented on hair animators are brave
It's why i don't post my stuff here anymore.

Darth Mandarb @ 3/30/2014 08:31 commented on Deep space

Brace yourselves... the Color Count posts are coming!!!

I did that 'image spec' tool on this and it says 537 colors... surely that can't be right?

Darth Mandarb @ 1/20/2014 14:50 commented on Irkalla Main Menu Play

Seriously... that preview is HORRIBLE in comparison here.  I almost didn't click on this.  Great animation/atmosphere!  Update that preview though :)

Darth Mandarb @ 5/31/2013 13:38 commented on Super Mario 1-1

 I am so in love with this!  I want to play it.  Please make it.  Immediately :)

Darth Mandarb @ 5/15/2013 15:11 commented on Who Shoots First?

Actually Who is on first.

Darth Mandarb @ 3/5/2013 14:42 commented on Tiny Mutant Ninja Turtles

 I notice their bobbing is not synced up on this one :)  Great job!!

Darth Mandarb @ 3/1/2013 10:00 commented on Streets Of Rage Pocket

 Love it (nostalgia)!!

The only thing that sort of caught my eye was they all seem to be in sync with their bobbing... if they were staggered a bit more it would "feel" better to me.  Minor nitpick though :)

Darth Mandarb @ 2/9/2013 07:26 commented on Isometric landscape

 This is pretty darn excellent... the only issue I found is that the grass seems to be growing directly on top of the rocks (there's no dirt layer in between).  I think a layer of brown between the rocks and the grass would really punch this up... and maybe the areas where the grass tapers off (on top of the rocks) you could spread some dirt around too?  That aside I dig this!

Darth Mandarb @ 12/19/2012 16:16 commented on 4bit Faces

 I like this very much.

Darth Mandarb @ 11/18/2012 17:52 commented on american chopper tribute

 Some really good likenesses ... I knew who it was just from the preview alone!  I actually met Paul Sr. once a few years ago in Las Vegas.  He was really nice, posed for a few pictures and even chatted a bit.  He's not as large in real life as he seems on the show!

Darth Mandarb @ 10/27/2012 06:31 commented on Desk

 Doesn't the disk go in the other way?

I like this overall!

Darth Mandarb @ 10/2/2012 16:45 commented on TWINKEES!

 "A vortec 6 litre engine, a box of hollow-points, and lord willing a gee-dee twinky!" 

Instantly recognizable!  

Darth Mandarb @ 9/1/2012 07:21 commented on Tile Set 1 -Prison-

 I like this!  The only thing that jumps out at me as "wrong" is the any of the door ways lack depth ... the walls appear just pixel thin instead having the inner dimension they need!  Aside from that though I think this is really good!

Darth Mandarb @ 8/30/2012 16:11 commented on Game of Thrones miniatures collection

 Maybe one more person could inform him/her this isn't pixel art??  Come on... one more??

I'd suggest leaving the background in there, but just do it by hand instead!  Excellent sprites, I could tell instantly who each of them were.  I especially like Bran and Hodor.

Darth Mandarb @ 8/25/2012 19:11 commented on 8Bits trouble

 This is cool!!  No horse-shit wang.

Darth Mandarb @ 8/23/2012 15:25 commented on Recalculating the equation

 I think 33 colors is too many... I don't mind a lot of colors when necessary but this probably doesn't benefit from the extra colors!  Also, the preview is not appealing at all!!  It doesn't do this justice and might be keeping people from clicking!

Darth Mandarb @ 8/19/2012 07:23 commented on Knights.

 As a few people might know; I'm not one for limiting a palette but 25 colors is a few too many for this!  You could probably cut out 10 colors and still achieve the same look.

The shading around the edges (cliff and path) also has very strong banding and could really benefit from some AA to clean it up a bit.  Also I would suggest updating the top-most part of land ... the way the left-most tree bumps up against it makes it feel very flat.

Hope that was helpful!

Darth Mandarb @ 8/17/2012 06:51 commented on Total Recall

Love it!  Well hidden curiosity too!  Good job :)

Darth Mandarb @ 8/9/2012 06:53 commented on avatar

Don't bother getting defensive, it won't accomplish anything!  I've put a few people in their places over the years but in the end the "gestapo" still rules the place.    It is, sadly, just the way it is around here.  If you aren't one of the well known veterans you're a plagarist until you prove you're not.  It's ridiculous and creates a bad feeling of elitism and accusation.  There are a few really helpful people though (some I've even met in real life) but, like any place online, there's the douche-bags too!  I very rarely post my work on here anymore... I just come here to look at art.  The best thing you can do is just develop a thick skin, ignore the idiots, and take periodic jabs at the establishment :)

Now... about this piece.  I dig it!  I kind of wish I could see more of it but creating that animation must have been murder at even such a small scale!  It does look rendered... but that's a compliment!  Not an accusation :)

Darth Mandarb @ 7/17/2012 07:20 commented on Benediction

 Get ready for the influx of whining about the nudity!!  POST A WARNING ON THE PREVIEW man ... this is the internet and we can't have pixelled boobies just hanging out without warning!!!

Political ranting aside, I like your work.  Very nice style!

Darth Mandarb @ 7/7/2012 08:37 commented on Untitled Rougelike Mockup #3

 This is fine (and others have done likewise)... it's showing different aspects of the game/mockup.