Sonic08 @ 8/12/2006 15:26 commented on N64 Glow
thanks for the comments, guys

Sonic08 @ 4/3/2006 14:39 commented on Shawn

like the color limits.. :D

Sonic08 @ 3/29/2006 12:05 commented on GBA Mockup: Anubis's Quest
Hahaha, that's awesome.. <3

Sonic08 @ 3/21/2006 16:52 commented on Windy Lan
Very awesome.
Keep it up, man.

Sonic08 @ 3/5/2006 21:37 commented on Wrestler portrait
Wow, that looks great.
So realisitc.

Sonic08 @ 2/21/2006 16:28 commented on Mario w/ Fireball
:O Thanks for the awesome comments everyone! Also, thanks for the favorite, DR3W.

Btw, sedge, I said please don't comment on the flame, as I did not make it. But thanks for commenting, anyways.. :P

Sonic08 @ 2/20/2006 08:18 commented on Mario w/ Fireball
:O Thanks for the favorite, HMC. :>

Sonic08 @ 2/19/2006 09:39 commented on Me Chibi-ish

How come there's no edit button?

Sonic08 @ 2/19/2006 09:38 commented on Me Chibi-ish
It looked better like that.. :/
I tried changing them colors, but it didn't look right, except on the lighter side.

Sonic08 @ 2/18/2006 11:58 commented on Metal Gear animation
Wow, that's awesome.
Pretty funny too. :D

Sonic08 @ 2/18/2006 11:56 commented on Red Halo Marine
That's pretty sweet. :D

Sonic08 @ 2/18/2006 11:40 commented on Body practice 01
pillow shaded*
Sorry, I typed too fast.. :P

Sonic08 @ 2/18/2006 11:39 commented on Body practice 01
The best part of the shading is on the stomach area. The rest looks pillowe shade.. :\

Sonic08 @ 2/18/2006 11:33 commented on Tactic stuff
Very Impressive. But the trees look out of place, maybe because they're sticking off the map.

Sonic08 @ 2/2/2006 16:39 commented on A hero
I'm thinking the same as Ghost.
That's a great sprite.
I think the gun could use some work.. doesn't look as good as the character, still great though.

Sonic08 @ 2/2/2006 16:28 commented on Little Dragon
Sorry to DP, but just wanted to says thanks for the favorite.. :>

Sonic08 @ 2/2/2006 16:26 commented on Shadow
Thanks for the awesome comments and favorites everyone..

Sonic08 @ 11/27/2005 15:08 commented on Combot
That's insane. I love the metallic shading, it really brings it to life.

Sonic08 @ 11/27/2005 15:07 commented on Haunter
Not bad, not bad.
The hands could definetly be fixed.. but everything else is great.

Sonic08 @ 11/27/2005 15:06 commented on Diddy Kong
Very good, looks great.
I love the texture on the fur, and the shading is perfect.
Looks better than Nintendo's stuff.. XD

Sonic08 @ 11/27/2005 15:04 commented on Cutter Kirby
Thanks for the comment, Frar. I'd make it transparent, but Gimp 2 is hard to use.. :<

And thanks for the favorite, pmprog!

Sonic08 @ 11/21/2005 15:26 commented on Animatrix
Another great piece by purple_monkey.
Heh, and another to add to my favorites.. :D

Good job!

Sonic08 @ 11/21/2005 15:22 commented on Little Dragon
I'm sorry, Flaber.
At the time, I was in a rush, and didn't have time to go to Pixelopolis and open up the lineart topic. My dial-up is really slow. Please forgive me, I'll try not to do that anymore.
I didn't mean to claim it as my own in any way.

Sonic08 @ 11/20/2005 10:05 commented on Lottie's Room
Oh man, that's really good.
I like how the animation fades the wall away so that you can see the inside of the closet.

Sonic08 @ 11/20/2005 10:01 commented on Source of inspiration
It reminds of one of those new IRL moving photographs.
I love how the water on the waterfall is bright, and sticks out to you.