ptoing @ 5/6/2021 13:57 commented on C64 Hi-Res Cubic Lion

Very nice for a first, and a fun image as well, as Reo stated.

ptoing @ 5/5/2021 11:16 commented on TMP2.tiff

Pretty epic stuff.

ptoing @ 3/27/2021 12:46 commented on self portrait 2021

I don't think you succeeded in making it ugly. It has horror vibes though, what with the intense look and the strange space filling hair. Nicely done :)

ptoing @ 3/17/2021 12:40 commented on sentry gun (weekly challenge)

That's nice to hear. Also that a comment of mine helped you :)

ptoing @ 3/11/2021 20:08 commented on sentry gun (weekly challenge)

Very cute, and nice use of the palette. I would REALLY love to see a proper C64 MCOL pic from you sometime. One can dream :)

ptoing @ 3/2/2021 06:08 commented on Vore (Quake)

Nice and recognisable. The AA you have in places on the outside are kind of a weird choice since it is very very sparse and not consistent. Without those it would look more like a game sprite. Nice stuff either way, cool to see new things from you :)

ptoing @ 2/27/2021 12:14 commented on Samus

Nice and sharp, but I can't unsee the really sad looking faces in the shoulder pads U_U

ptoing @ 2/21/2021 20:17 commented on Spaghettification

DB: The rasters were made with


tool. I helped betatest it and also gave quite a bit of input on usability. It's a pretty neat little tool and will very likely be improved upon at a later date. But it already produces 100% stable rasters and the pictures are both PAL and NTSC compatible in that regard.

ptoing @ 2/18/2021 06:43 commented on Amigara Fault Self Portrait

Just make sure you keep the aspect thing in mind, since it makes quite a bit of difference. :)

ptoing @ 2/17/2021 18:59 commented on Amigara Fault Self Portrait

If you struggled with the colour stepping for this one, you should give Atari ST stuff a go next: 320x200 (mind the 4:3 aspect ratio, so best to sketch at 320x240 or even bigger and then shrink before refining) with 16 colours in 9 bit colour depth. 8 steps for each channel. It is really good fun though.

ptoing @ 2/17/2021 11:17 commented on Metroid - Samus

Hapiel: I think the leg issue is due to the leg on the left being edited after the fact, so the angle of the leg and the hip. Having the leg angled up like that, even a bit, should result in a change on the armour bits on the hip, since they are connected.

ptoing @ 2/16/2021 12:13 commented on Keith Haring

Really captures him well and the colours work great here.

(The very top of the image is missing a row of purple)

ptoing @ 2/16/2021 07:54 commented on Metroid - Samus

I made a very quick and sloppy image of what is more or less the problem. The edit I made in the 2nd frame does not really fix it fully, but I think you will see what I mean.

Basically the hips are on a weird perspective compared to the shoulders and everything else. There is too much of a change.

In regards to starting in full 24 bit colour, I think that is totally fine, but I guess some people are not big fans of it. I personally like to work from ground up with an indexed palette, which gives me full control over the colours. I got a picture (which is yet to be finished) which started from a doodle made in an online app. But with that I indexed very early and then got rid of superfluous colours. In the end it is all a matter of workflow, really.

In your image there are some places that do not really work, colour wise, like the aa on that detail on her inner thigh. The light blue pixels are lighter than the yellow ones. And even the yellow outline all the way around looks a bit weird. There is lots that could be optimised in terms of colours, and polish, but again. The pic as a whole is very cool.

Hope this helps.

ptoing @ 2/15/2021 10:28 commented on Metroid - Samus

jeremy: I agree that it kinda looks like a colour reduction, though some of the things you listed are not necessarily indicators. Like 64 colours, could go either way. Also the bright areas having more colours than shaded areas makes sense from an art/visual hierarchy perspective. And even the red AA inside the leg could be something I could see being done.

I really like the design of the suit, it is a bit less over the top than the original ones. And the overall construction is nice too. What sticks out to me, apart from the pretty sloppy rendering (which does not take away much from the overall impact of the piece), is that the perspective of the hips is wrong.

ptoing @ 2/15/2021 07:49 commented on Amigara Fault Self Portrait

This came out very nice. Very sharp. Great colous, shapes, everything really.

ptoing @ 2/5/2021 04:08 commented on Gift

Nice picture, has an oldschool feel to it, esp the rabbit, with the dither and such. Really nice palette as well. I think the outlines are fine, but I agree that the outline for the horizon is a bit odd looking. Another thing that is strange is the reflection of the sun in the water. It should always go straight down, no matter from where you look at it.

ptoing @ 1/25/2021 01:33 commented on The cursed Knight

Very well done, and nice choice of projection. Much prefer this over standard iso.

ptoing @ 1/14/2021 18:41 commented on Golden egg

But they are so tasty :o

Really nice pic.

ptoing @ 1/9/2021 11:48 commented on Figurine - Skogsrå

Nice so see something new from you :) Lovely stuff as usual.

ptoing @ 12/3/2020 06:20 commented on Mine Wars (C64 Hires)

Hehe. I converted them to PRGs and will check them out at some later point on my 1084S. On that it should look good.

ptoing @ 12/3/2020 00:38 commented on Mine Wars (C64 Hires)

Very nice stuff, esp the 2 screens at the top. The only issue I see with these is that the font would be very hard to read on certain screens, esp on TVs.

ptoing @ 10/9/2020 20:37 commented on #

Loving this. Lovely colours, lovely character design, lovely presentation, lovely everything.

ptoing @ 9/26/2020 22:45 commented on Big Bird

Oh noes, I was being silly and reupped the EGA ones, even though they were still online, haha.
Just upped the CGA ones. Thanks for pointing it out.

ptoing @ 9/26/2020 04:58 commented on Big Bird

Just some little news: My CGA Faces and MSX Robots pieces are back up in my gallery. \o/

ptoing @ 8/31/2020 12:36 commented on Touch Petscii, Get Dizzy

Came out really nice indeed. Looking forward to seeing more C64 related pieces from you :)