cjlm123 @ 5/9/2021 15:44 commented on Big Bird

Anyone else constantly getting logged out automatically these days?

cjlm123 @ 4/26/2021 05:18 commented on Pixil Gal, 1

Inb4 someone does Mondrian

cjlm123 @ 4/7/2021 07:39 commented on Earthbound sprites

These are fantastic, I especially like the dog.

cjlm123 @ 4/5/2021 01:53 commented on Hyrule Redrawn

Thanks for the comments!

I should add that the palette is based on the NES restrictions (with the specific colour values coming from the master palette provided by the hyrule redrawn discord)

cjlm123 @ 4/1/2021 04:54 commented on Furry monster?

Rather spooky, I like it.

cjlm123 @ 3/31/2021 19:04 commented on Iluvmanupix

Haha, thanks for the comment!

cjlm123 @ 3/31/2021 15:24 commented on Iluvmanupix

It's a double, perhaps even a triple homage :)

cjlm123 @ 3/27/2021 13:53 commented on Fantasy Console

I was thinking an analogue dial indicating the amount of battery left, like on a car with gas.

cjlm123 @ 3/16/2021 07:38 commented on Pewter City Science Museum - Kanto Redrawn

This is great!
Is there a formal way to claim a particular place for the Kanto redrawn project, or is it just whoever gets something done first?

cjlm123 @ 3/10/2021 14:49 commented on Spinning mushroom

Yes you're right, the dark pattern on the cap is not distinct enough to parse as rotating rather than moving back and forth.

cjlm123 @ 1/31/2021 09:43 commented on Big Bird

Does anyone else find, that at least on mobile, clicking the little profile icon takes you to Sedgeman's profile instead of your own ~50% of the time? What's up with that?

cjlm123 @ 1/3/2021 14:54 commented on Oofworm, Turfworm, and Wormonger

Great name for the final evolution.
And condolonces on not getting picked up in the challenge, would have been a winner for sure!

cjlm123 @ 11/29/2020 13:57 commented on T stands for Tanuki

Rereading the challenge description, this is rather liberal interpretation of the term "material". Hmmm. . . :)

cjlm123 @ 11/23/2020 14:01 commented on Gulpy: Terror of the Deep

Yeah, news to me, I'm not a tcg guy, but a seamonster lurking under a boat is probably as cliche as possible, as far as monsters go :)

I hope the scale cues read correctly, it's meant to be a completely normal sized fish and a tiny boat.

cjlm123 @ 11/15/2020 16:03 commented on witch

Is this style just down to personal discretion or is there a concrete restriction involved?

cjlm123 @ 11/14/2020 11:39 commented on clones

"a group of frogs swimming in pea soup, seen though an empty bottle of Heineken"


cjlm123 @ 11/14/2020 11:11 commented on Fortress of Guaita, San Marino

The palette still feels extremely harsh, but this is the most harmonious one I could find.

cjlm123 @ 11/1/2020 12:11 commented on Evil Dead

I'm very happy to have placed with so many great entries. Congrats everyone.

cjlm123 @ 10/2/2020 07:20 commented on Pixelween: Everything is quiet

Thank you all for the very kind comments. :)

cjlm123 @ 9/29/2020 14:38 commented on Pixelween: Everything is quiet

Thankfully it was just a few near-identical coloured patches, should be fixed. Thanks.

cjlm123 @ 9/23/2020 06:30 commented on Ori and the Boxing Ring

Very  cute!

Good luck getting past Wario

cjlm123 @ 9/22/2020 14:28 commented on Slither with the Punches

Extended the shadow to the edge of the canvas, so consider the 30px box ticked.

cjlm123 @ 9/21/2020 14:09 commented on Fish Charmer

Thank you!
Original design can be found here:

cjlm123 @ 9/21/2020 14:08 commented on Mean Right Hook

Haha, thanks!

Just for fun, here's an entry with 30*130:


cjlm123 @ 9/16/2020 11:57 commented on Fish Charmer

Updated the piece to fit with resolution restrictions.