Antifarea @ 9/7/2010 05:18 commented on Shaun of the Dead

The piece isn't bad... however, this movie sucked.

Antifarea @ 8/22/2010 04:38 commented on Big Bird

Greenraven: Round two for me, I updated your avatar. :) Click it here:

Antifarea @ 8/22/2010 01:51 commented on Batmobile Avatar

Not really thrilled by it, because the only means I use to make pixel art is the mouse... I can't picture myself making pixels with my fingers, considering I hate laptop finger thingy to move the cursor. I do acknowledge it's potential, and it's cheap, so either way doesn't really hurt giving it a try and supporting the author of the app.

Antifarea @ 8/16/2010 16:49 commented on Jason Voorhees

I like it. Although I'm not fond too much of the shading used in the mask, looks like an advanced case of pillow shading. Which I find it strange, considering you did a good job on the rest of the shading. Fixing this will improve the perpective of how the image is seen. 

Antifarea @ 8/15/2010 23:11 commented on 48x48 Face (Avatar)

Buddy90= Good to know you did. Thanks.

Antifarea @ 8/15/2010 23:09 commented on 48x48 Face (Avatar)

Mistiqueshis = Thank you.

Antifarea @ 7/5/2010 08:22 commented on Hanch 64x64 Avatar

Shading the hair isn't my strongest point. So I'm practicing on doing that when it comes to faces. The reference is only good for details of the character, I am not trying to make her have the same emotions as in the reference, only using it to know the hair style, etc... you get my drift.

Antifarea @ 6/29/2010 18:47 commented on SQ2010 Maiden Statues

Thanks. I got to admit I didn't do the best job on that hand down there... could've been worse anyways. :D

Antifarea @ 6/29/2010 17:26 commented on SQ2010 Maiden Statues


Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 18:45 commented on Big Bird

Hatch, the PJ superman, lol tell these hardcore kidz to stop picking on us 20 year olds.

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 18:42 commented on Big Bird

You are... cooler than Metaru though since you're another cool american, not a chilean nationalistic asshole.


Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 18:39 commented on Big Bird

@ Metaru = "Todo mal que me hagas a ti te lo haras,.pues la tierra es tu mar!  al igual que amar, tambien se castigar, la venganza de gaia tendras!"

In other words... pudrete.

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 18:35 commented on Big Bird

"We're sorry but your page cannot be found: I wonder why... racist chilean.

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 18:31 commented on Big Bird

Robin, I do not blame you, you might be a damn kid but jeez your fast just like in the game that I beated your ass haha... you don't even let me be outta here before talking trash... anyways robin, despite the fact that I know you're just another kid, I kinda like you, you're too fast... anyways I am having a lot of fun, you know, the usual haha, drinking, fucking and going to school and working, just like what every american do. :)

And I'm yet to watch that video, about the whole Bridge of Eden crap, too bad I gotta fix my computer right now haha, so I'll get back at you next week man. :)

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 18:27 commented on Big Bird

Robin wind, shut up and go to bed, wait a couple years before you can buy yourself a yuenling haha.

...and when you do so, tell me your stories when you puke your soul out. So I can laugh my ass off kid.

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 18:25 commented on Big Bird

Again, these kids are one step ahead of me, I feel like an ass replying to this haha, anyways kids, time for me to go ahead and enjoy my life, which has nothing to do with the "Antifarea" that you all see in here, my internet business is soo less compared to my true fun, which happens in real life outside these forums haha. Gnight.

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 18:23 commented on Big Bird

And I'm sorry that I have to double post jalonso lol, but these kids keep posting right after when I post my  my message... I'm not a kid peoples, mind you, the reason why I bother commenting on people who has such weird half-respectful names such as metaru and dogmeat, I mean for christ sake you call yourself dog-meat? how crappy and unoriginal is that? just wow, when I was 16 at least I would come up with something like "Antifarea" ya know, a name that no one can ever have, not something hardcore common like the one you have... it's cool though, I'm sure Jal is cool enough to change your name to "X-knight" or something... so yeah, lol I'm not down to keep this conversation up, but I'm just saying ahahahhahaha.

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 18:17 commented on Big Bird

Haha not to troll nor anything but I can still beat you when it comes to making / drinking tea Robin wind... anyways, I call you robin wind because he's just a lesser boss from Star ocean 3, that I kicked his ass with Fayt and the rest of the party: Here's the video of him in case anyone is wondering:

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 18:11 commented on Big Bird

thereisnocure = my bad, I will take a break from the kids haha... it's just that I find it funny that these kids don't acknowledge my self-worth, which I have learned, through life experiences, religion and krav maga. :)

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 17:55 commented on Big Bird

I don't feel any less by saying that, it's just that he made me look like an spanish nazi when I'm not. :)

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 17:29 commented on Big Bird

1ucas = Then tell that to robin wind... I got no problems, but from what I understood he was acting like I was trying to be better than everyone else just cause I typed some stuff in spanish... I am against nationalism as it is, which is why I pointed out that I didn't mind hooking up with girls that are american and greek (haha I grabbed that cause these two girls that I hooked up with that I had a lot of affection for) and if anything, despite the fact that I am not american, I feel proud of living here, as well I also feel sorry that we have a chunk of assholes running this country that is only bringing it down.

@ Metaru = And I wasn't including you on the list btw. And that is because you just plainly suck ass.

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 16:31 commented on Big Bird

Robin, what a drag, and got a problem with my spanish? skrew you. I am what I am, and I have love for my origin even though I don't have a problem with hooking up with white or greek girls.

And talking about races haha, do not forget that us spanish people have a lot of potential, two of the examples in terms of pixel art are the great Abysswolf and turtlechan who come from the same country where El Mago de Oz comes from. Suck it Robin wind.

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 15:41 commented on Big Bird

Says Robin Hood, the non spanish speaker. :)

Aqui te va una canción, solo porque eres Irlandes haha...

El mago de Oz - Molinos de Viento

Antifarea @ 4/25/2010 14:24 commented on Big Bird

The Man, Tomic Natomic in da house.

"Y el que le responda algo le entro a balazos haha. "

Antifarea @ 4/24/2010 12:57 commented on Big Bird

Speaks jalonso, the beetle man!