hmmmburger @ 3/16/2021 11:56 commented on Manitoban Sunrise

Haha, awesome. This was based on a photo I took on South Steeprock Lake, MB. Gorgeous area. 

hmmmburger @ 9/21/2020 17:14 commented on Living Room Painting

Thanks for the comment! I do like that scenic-sombre feel. I was so certain I'd have to boost the brightness of the flattened image after I finished it, but the highlights and sky brightened everything up just enough to balance it out (I think.) 

At any rate, learned a lot on this one. 

hmmmburger @ 9/21/2020 07:07 commented on Call Waiting...

Thanks! And I appreciate the welcome. Don't miss the  tangles but it was nice having something to play around with while on the phone.