onek @ 7/31/2013 10:19 commented on Captains cabin

 oh wow! this is long ago, saw it in the forums
glad u went on and finished this :)
looking good! whats with the white line in the bottom left?


onek @ 4/22/2013 07:29 commented on Elk's Forest Of Desolation

  this is a yet again a truly amazing work elk ! 
im totally in love with the textures and those background creatures , but i also think that the composition is a bit problematic... as delicious said, the eye is heavily drawn towards the background... its not really a matter of compositon but more of lighting ... 
lighting imo is the most impotant element to lead the viewer into an image... i fully understand that u are tired of this after 500+ hours, but maybe u should consider working a bit more on this and get a certain place in the annals of pixel art history :)

made a quick lighting edit

(btw... its amazing how i could just edit this without making it seem super shitty and fake... i mean this is PA but it felt just like editing a drawing or a photo...)

onek @ 4/21/2013 14:55 commented on Elk's Forest Of Desolation

(sry... I f***ed up commenting... had to delete this and replace .. but still O___O, see it as double awe ^^ )

onek @ 2/5/2013 05:40 commented on an experiment with colour

 nice colors,  but can u elaborate on your experiment?


onek @ 12/21/2012 13:15 commented on Bar

 ur work has such a distinctive style, and i love it, each one of them :)
 loving the bartenders expression too (Y)


onek @ 9/3/2012 15:39 commented on Bored

u asked me to critic ur work and so i do
i made an edit of ur earliest piece, but now that im finished i see that its ~5 years older than ur 2 most recent works, and compared to this piece u made vast improvements over time. ur pixeltechnique is actually quite good and theres much more refinement on pixel level , also colors, proportions, readabilty...
i really like the blue sprite, its nice and clean, the other one is also good, but could need some more work on the jacket/torso... it looks a bit blurry and undefined, i think less colors would work better.
in general theres not much more to say, they are solid sprites but they are very similar and i dont know if u made them of some base or else. theres not much to compare them too, to give a more in depth critique of ur work. 
theres only that old character were i made a qucik edit of to show u how u can improve some pixel techniques, like colors, contrast, selective outlining, aa, etc... but i think u pretty much mastered that urself by now. :)
anyway heres the edit

onek @ 6/1/2012 15:14 commented on Adventurer Idle

 u r very welcome :)
probably the best   pixel art  tutorial u can find is this one by cure

onek @ 5/31/2012 09:26 commented on Adventurer Idle

 ur animations are really nice, the sprite itself looks also pretty good but ur stuff is lacking pixel level control.
u make the typicall beginner mistake of overdithering everything... all the dithering creates unwanted grainy textures, and u certainly have enough color to make smooth transitions without using dither.
ur colors lack contrast and are hard to distinguish.
heres an edit to show u what pixel level control and good colors can do for u

onek @ 12/22/2011 18:28 commented on MoNkEy bLiNkEy

 looks kindalike a poisened cherry cake

onek @ 11/27/2011 23:03 commented on Pixel Tower of Babel

 doesnt look very high ... especially in reöation to the stairs,,,


onek @ 11/27/2011 23:01 commented on Valkyrie

 i think this looks cramped aswell...

the browns stuff around here is not necessary imo and makes it look like shes embedded in a rock or something...


like this ?

onek @ 11/16/2011 07:16 commented on Journey To Hammerdale

 nice i like the mixed in widepixels :D

onek @ 11/6/2011 05:56 commented on Renegade Title Screen

 the renegade isnt very readable... which should be first priority in a title screen.... it more looks just like something shattered...

onek @ 10/27/2011 15:16 commented on mecha with a very big tube

 lots of banding. the volumes dont read well. does lokk more like plastic than metal and the colors are quite  ugly...

not even close to ur usual quality 

onek @ 10/26/2011 09:57 commented on Oh no!!!

 nice .. but i liked it more with those monochrome colors in the wip

onek @ 10/21/2011 10:45 commented on Burn Tree

 hmm ... pity you didnt work on it more....


onek @ 10/20/2011 06:30 commented on The Unit

 dithering isnt needed and creates unwanted, noisy, texture


onek @ 10/20/2011 06:28 commented on Anime girl

 the hair and some other parts are very jaggy, and therefore, also in the updated version, looks messy... u should anti alias it, to really give it the clean, vector - like feel ur ogoing for....

also all the strains of hair makes it look like the hair is wet, i dont know if u were going for this but i dont think so..


onek @ 10/19/2011 15:03 commented on Burn Tree

 doesnt look like fire to me :/

onek @ 10/19/2011 10:13 commented on Anime girl

 clean?!?! looks very´messy to me....

onek @ 10/17/2011 06:07 commented on Running animation


quite nice animation nonetheless ;D ... maybe aa her right arm/elbow  ?

onek @ 10/13/2011 02:24 commented on Steve Jobs and the poisoned apple (animated)
actually this looks quite good!! the face is nicely pixeled and reads well... the palette is used good... it has a cetain style to it.... i like it.... his reight arm is rly too long tho...
the legs beeing skinny is oblviously a stylistic choice, not an anatomical flaw .... obvious!
only thing that isnt very good IS the apple! and u thinking its the only decent part clearly speaks how u have no idea about pixelart..... sorry

onek @ 10/10/2011 09:26 commented on Halloween House

  the black on the inside stand out too much... the contrast i squite low, id suggest very strong contrast to make it seem like night  it doesnt really have spooky atmosphere or anything and doesnt read 'halloween' to me..  it looks very clean and not really spooky... its an abandoned house, so there probably ivy and all sort of plant all over it... by adding some vegetation u could also improve the animation, for example have some grass/leaves movinbg in the wind aswell...  speaking of storm, some flashes might be nice,,, also u could add some clichee red glowiong eyes peeking out of the windows from time to time or something, to make it more intresting ...  

heres a quick try out :)


onek @ 10/8/2011 11:57 commented on Zombie TD Reborn - Collage

 the sensor thingy looks like a diamond ring

onek @ 10/6/2011 16:06 commented on CaveDucks

 the black outlines stand out quite a bit..

give the colors more contrast..

maybe some little looped animation could be nice... like the drill spinning and the lava  glowing, maybe some rocks falling down ... and some sort of speech bubble dialogue