crazyfox @ 8/16/2021 03:38 commented on Mission 1 Enemies - Cargo Shield

I like the designs, but the engine exhaust could use more work.

Still a great job!

crazyfox @ 5/17/2021 03:51 commented on Flames

Oh man. This is some slick stuff!

I would love to see this animated.

Great job! 

crazyfox @ 5/7/2021 04:11 commented on My dead animation of my precious boss

Looks pretty good!
I'd love for it to be longer. Maybe make the orange part stay behind and then disappear in a different manner?

Keep up the good work.

crazyfox @ 5/4/2021 02:35 commented on K-mask

So goooood...

crazyfox @ 4/27/2021 07:22 commented on Jeanie Dash

Yeah. It's kinda weird. I get that they were limited by floppy sizes, but a lot of the early EGA sprites just feel like programmer art (which it probably was). It gets better later on, but by the time most studios got to a good level of skill and art direction, VGA was king and you don't see much in the way of good 16 color sprites anymore.

But thank you very much. It means a lot!

crazyfox @ 4/27/2021 07:18 commented on Jeanie Dash

Thank you!

Yeah, old DOS platformers don't get nearly as much recognition as the console ones. If you try it, do watch out. It's tough as nails, like unfair bullshit sort of tough.

crazyfox @ 4/26/2021 10:04 commented on Inferno blade

Reminds me of the sword I made for Terraria once upon a time. ( )

I kinda prefer your older one though. This one has that cool shiny look, but the other one has much more contrast. Still a great job!

crazyfox @ 4/26/2021 06:01 commented on Bomb Slime

Disappointed by no face in the explosion this time. 

I still like the attention to detail (like the fuse running out before the explosion). Really cool concept and even better execution. Keep up the great work!

crazyfox @ 4/26/2021 05:58 commented on Laser Blade

Not how lasers work, but I don't give a fox.

It looks freaking awesome! Good colors and great animations. Sweet job!

crazyfox @ 4/26/2021 03:57 commented on Jeanie Dash

Thank you!

That is my mess up. It's been a while since I played Monster Bash and thought the game didn't have the bounce in it but it does. It's fixed now.

crazyfox @ 4/26/2021 00:53 commented on Cyber City Tileset (64x32 | Isometric)

You really seem to have found your place with tilesets.

I like black and purple, so this is right up my alley, good job!

crazyfox @ 4/23/2021 06:12 commented on Weapon set 4

Ooooh! Very nice metal reflections.
I do HEMA and let me tell you, some fantasy swords I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

These, however, look amazing AND functional. Really good job!

crazyfox @ 4/23/2021 06:09 commented on Quackshot's Daisy Duck

It looks way better now! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything since I wanna attend this week's challenge and this will be a serious contender. 

crazyfox @ 4/22/2021 11:17 commented on Quackshot's Daisy Duck

She looks really cool, but the body movement makes her limp...

crazyfox @ 4/22/2021 02:18 commented on FEAR NOT


At least it doesn't want you to recite all 613 commandments.

crazyfox @ 4/21/2021 00:15 commented on Zoe - Mechanic

Wow! Didn't expect anything from LBA. Really sweet job and a cool animation!

crazyfox @ 4/20/2021 10:47 commented on Hofanti

That is an adorable fakemon. Good job!

crazyfox @ 4/19/2021 03:18 commented on Tetris Transition

It looks good and I like the falling animation, but why would you mix pixel sizes? Kinda ruins the feel of it.

crazyfox @ 4/19/2021 02:52 commented on Sesshoumaru, hottie

This is a good challenge. I approve of it and your choice of the proper Jackrabbit.

crazyfox @ 4/19/2021 01:26 commented on Enchanted Forest

So damn pretty...

I think higher contrast would make it even more vibrant, but this is amazing already. Love it!

crazyfox @ 4/19/2021 01:19 commented on Sanguine altar

This looks pretty cool! Good colors, very surreal, pretty clear despite low resolution.

Kinda reminds me of the Gobliiins series. Good job!

crazyfox @ 4/19/2021 01:08 commented on Monsters pack for Despot`s game

Holy fuck this is some impressive work. 

The colors, the animation, the smoothness... perfect!

crazyfox @ 4/15/2021 05:12 commented on Outer Space

It looks damn impressive!

I would add some separate stars in the middle to break the mirrored look, but other than that I can't fault it. It look amazing.

crazyfox @ 4/15/2021 05:09 commented on Ringblade

It's simple, functional looking. I like it. Maybe add a fuller on your next sword (if nothing else, it will break the mostly empty space on the top part of the blade), but that's just nitpicking. Well done!

crazyfox @ 4/12/2021 01:45 commented on paddy field

Looks interesting. What's that critter? A leech? A Goauld?

One advice straight from saint Bob Ross: Water is level. It looks wrong when it's not.