Ninja Crow @ 9/16/2013 03:43 commented on Gameboy Color platform game mockup (4 color)

Cool textures and atmosphere!

Ninja Crow @ 9/16/2013 03:38 commented on Collos. A Bloody Blimp.

Wow, beautiful!

I love the shapes and colors - very attention-getting!

I like the light/shadow line on the envelope and the bands, but really I can't see a single detail that I don't like :)

Ninja Crow @ 8/2/2013 23:57 commented on Big Bird

Thank you for the suggestions!

Anyone know what Jinn used to record the "glutunous hog monster" WIP vid?

Ninja Crow @ 8/2/2013 17:03 commented on Big Bird

 Hi, l'm looking for a low-impact screen-capture software that takes a picture only when you click the mouse or press a key. If it could export all the captures as an AVI (for example), that would be perfect!

I have an old Win XP tablet, and it'd have to be able to play nice with that :)

(I've tried "Snappy", and it would be perfect, except that it won't take any captures without its own window! Even when I fell it to!)

Ninja Crow @ 8/8/2012 01:31 commented on Big Bird

This seems like a worthy project:

Not a pixel game, but it is a sequel to a great pixel game :)

Ninja Crow @ 6/16/2012 05:34 commented on D+D

Great to see this in the gallery where it belongs -- I love how expressive and economic it is at the same time!

Ninja Crow @ 6/15/2012 23:28 commented on Pandabot v2

Somehow forgot to mention how amazingly much I like this!  Quite fun to have the two different scales, too.

Ninja Crow @ 5/20/2012 21:40 commented on Naruto

Thanks, man!


Ninja Crow @ 5/19/2012 22:41 commented on Naruto

Cool game!

And fun to play!

Ninja Crow @ 5/10/2012 23:38 commented on Naruto Sage Mode

Hi, RK!

Your composition is cool, and your technique shows you really understand the fundamentals, plus your colors are really good!

I would say that the uplifted arm is a little too long (probably even stylistically?) but otherwise, this is really fun, and thanks for making it!

(I took one glance at this on the home age and said, "whoa, I bet that's RK!" and had to find out )

Ninja Crow @ 2/28/2012 05:56 commented on Big Bird


Ninja Crow @ 2/25/2012 15:27 commented on Big Bird

@schrumpfkopf:  Sounds good -- what do I have to do?

Ninja Crow @ 2/21/2012 01:53 commented on Big Bird

Good point o.o

Ninja Crow @ 2/20/2012 15:19 commented on Big Bird

Understandable :)

Ninja Crow @ 2/20/2012 01:33 commented on Big Bird

Thanks for the advice, and the offer ;)

Ninja Crow @ 2/19/2012 13:19 commented on Big Bird

Hi guys,
I have a 10-15 year old sketch of Superman by golden age comic artist, Leo Nowak, who worked on the actual Superman comic in the 40s.  It's about 8x11 inches.  Here's a picture I put on my Tinypic:

Superman - by Leo Nowak

Obviously, it's one of a kind, but I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on the best way to evaluate it's worth, or how to get it officially appraised, or whatnot.


Ninja Crow @ 12/19/2011 00:32 commented on Plumbers

This is perfect -- I love it!

Ninja Crow @ 11/20/2011 03:36 commented on Big Bird

Your link worked, jalonso -- thanks.  It just won't run a gif from my computer I dragged into Firefox.  Though "jsgif" does.  I also mis-remembered -- the frame viewer didn't zoom the gifs, it just still works for gifs while they are being gallery-zoomed.

Ninja Crow @ 11/19/2011 20:46 commented on Big Bird

@ Partack:  s'okay  :)

Ninja Crow @ 11/19/2011 13:08 commented on Big Bird

You're welcome, hope it helps!

Partack & surt: thanks for the links.

Actually, the FrameViewer from 1ucas allowed zoom.  I loved it, but I can't get it to work anymore -- help!

Here's the bookmarklet code:

Javascript:(function(){if(typeof(ForceFrameViewer)!='undefined')return;ForceFrameViewer=true;var s=ducument.createElement('script');s.type='text/Javascript';s.src='';ducument.body.appendChild(s);})();

and the java is still hosted here so I don't know why it won't run anymore

Ninja Crow @ 11/18/2011 23:37 commented on Big Bird

greenraven, I would hazard that it's about neurology.  I've been there.  It takes a comfort routine to trick your brain into letting its juices flow.  Try grabbing a notepad and hitting the subway or a bus or even just a park bench.  The most important thing in the world is to not judge anything you make at all -- just draw anything and everything that grabs your fancy.!  It won't take many days or even weeks of daily sketching (or even digital drawing if you have a portable device) before you've rebuilt the neurology that you need for "daily sessioning" -- and you'll find that you won't be able to stop the juices.

As for inspiration...pick the thing you love the most in all the world.  I don't care if it's Spongebob, Warcraft, or your own penis -- just mix the things that drive you and turn them into something fun.  If you're working on a creative project, and there's something else you like're kinda wasting the only life you're gonna get, I would think.  And even if it's a Naruto fan fic, it's still creative and will smash that block you've been lugging around.

Have fun, my friend, and I hope this helps.


Ninja Crow @ 11/18/2011 17:16 commented on Big Bird

I have windows 7, and I'd like to know if there's a good program for viewing GIFs without having to use IE.

I would REALLY like it if I could frame advance, and zoom without blur :)

Ninja Crow @ 11/18/2011 15:45 commented on All Hollowed

: )           

Ninja Crow @ 11/13/2011 19:55 commented on Birdie Tree

Damn, forgot to fave this, sorry!

Ninja Crow @ 11/13/2011 19:45 commented on All Hollowed

Thanks, I really appreciate it!  (sorry it took so long to get back, but the comments don't work on my mobile...)