Undeady @ 9/6/2021 21:32 commented on Vroom-Vroom

The врум врум turned out well.

Undeady @ 7/17/2021 10:10 commented on German Philosophers

Nietzsche and Marx look so cute in this format.
 Perhaps it's because of facial hair. Great job!

Undeady @ 4/7/2021 19:13 commented on Pelican Bay

I absolutely love the way the water is rendered.

Also, the hue shift in the greens looks very smooth.

Undeady @ 3/8/2021 09:03 commented on Explorer

man, the lower case cl really is dangerous isn't it

Otherwise that's a great piece of art !

Undeady @ 2/24/2021 08:33 commented on Desktop Icons

Look very cute and ... cozy, dare i say ?

The backwards Г used as a T really broke the readability for me though.