Mortar @ 6/28/2011 16:24 commented on Garden of Gray

 been looking at the public queu for the past five minutes, saw this on the main page and was looking rather desperately for the "yes" button :V

Mortar @ 6/5/2011 21:00 commented on Sky City

 The city itself reminds me immensly of something I'd see when editing in audacity

Mortar @ 4/26/2011 20:41 commented on Cid

 welp that's ruined forever. No idea how I managed to get 10 different shades of black.

Mortar @ 4/25/2011 00:55 commented on Cid

 lolwut where's my entry

I swear I checked that weekly challenge check-box

Mortar @ 4/24/2011 17:58 commented on Big Bird

 If you're going to postcount++ on people's artwork could you atleast take the time to say something useful? I've been seeing a ton of this and frankly it's getting on my nerves. I know you want to level up but you might as well be helpful while doing so.

In other news I totally support tanuki's proposition

Mortar @ 4/24/2011 10:38 commented on The Titan Harmonium

Bah it looks like I'm battling for 3rd place at this point. Good job!

Mortar @ 4/24/2011 10:34 commented on Untitled

 That's the point? not sure if you meant that in a positive or negative way.

Mortar @ 4/23/2011 19:37 commented on Music Critic

You'd think I'd have known that after 12 years of piano, but apparently not :V thanks for the heads-up.

Mortar @ 1/1/2011 22:27 commented on Old age munant ninja turtle

 Great as always!

Mortar @ 1/1/2011 22:18 commented on Orange Juice (Mid Canvas Void Challenge)

 the top and bottom of the glass could use some work, but other than that I actually really like it! It's got a certain.. I don't even know, but there's something fancy about this and whatever it is, I like it.

Mortar @ 1/1/2011 22:07 commented on Pyotr the piglet (walk)

 Funky walk cycle! I like it!

Mortar @ 1/1/2011 22:05 commented on Steampunk Mockup

You might want to tone down your character's strength, she seems a tad OP, I mean, the intro isn't even over yet and the boss's HP is at 50%.

Now that the Game Design part of me is done pointing that out, let me just say, Nice clouds!

Mortar @ 1/1/2011 12:44 commented on Ze Isomobile - Crocomobile (Updated with new added Skin!)

 Minus the seizure I got from the preview, pretty nice :P


EDIT: bah Jalonso beat me to it. but still, my head slightly hurts :P

Mortar @ 12/28/2010 17:21 commented on Oblique Town

 If I recall correctly it was started as an entry for an older competition which had to feature an oblique game (something like that) I agree, Oblique isn't very nice, but I know there was a reason for it (like I said, probably a challenge). 

Mortar @ 10/25/2010 22:20 commented on Some emoticons

The face's line-art is pretty good, but  I agree with 2-D; the dithering and circles could definitely use some work.

Mortar @ 10/25/2010 22:15 commented on Super Crate Box OST cover

 Aw sweet. It's cool to see the game in a different perspective. Well done!

Mortar @ 7/2/2010 09:11 commented on Gordon Freeman

For a second there I was like "wait what, why is gordon's emblem an odd looking Ying-Yang" then "D'oh, Black Mesa".

The crowbar could probably use a little more work (that again this is MS paint pallette so not much room color-wise) but the shape kinda bugs me.

Mortar @ 6/21/2010 10:29 commented on Big Bird

Mashed up all of last week's weekly challenge submissions into one big tetris game

Gets kinda messy at the bottom, but I blame all the downward "pyramid" blocks :P

EDIT: sory for those of you who animated your entries, it would have been to much work to get them all going

Mortar @ 6/20/2010 09:11 commented on Tetromino

the moral of the story: smoke, don't do your work, and you'll be unscathed.

On a side note... crawling in ventilation ducts? orange? hmmm (10 points to whoever gets what I'm reffering to)

anyways, really nice, I was surprised when i realised the whole action sequence was animated, good job!

Mortar @ 6/19/2010 15:35 commented on aMatar V2

Huzzah! Victory is mine at last! Thanks for the help Hatch+ThereIsNoCure

Mortar @ 6/19/2010 10:26 commented on aMatar V2

yeah, I guess that's that, I blame people only looking at it for 2 seconds and not realising the little things.

Mortar @ 6/19/2010 00:08 commented on Tetris Sprinkler System

good job and nice animations! also, this may be what you're reffering to in the desc., but is that a stray white pixel I see there middle bottom?

Mortar @ 6/15/2010 22:40 commented on Tetris Challenge

great use of the canvas. not much to say other than that.

Mortar @ 6/15/2010 22:38 commented on Tetrical Nightmare [8 colors]

Yeah, i was going to say, it looks like it belongs on a full-non-tetris canvas, then i read the description :P

Besides that, I like it quite a bit; the colours, the shadow(s), and the scales are probably my favorite part.

Despite all that it still seems a little "iffy" to me, not anything i can directly point out, so I'm not exactly helping here, but yeah.

Mortar @ 6/15/2010 08:13 commented on Big Bird

sorry to interupt :P but i was just wondering, i updated one of my pieces via the "edit it" button, but when i press submit it doesn't update, does the new version need to be approved as well?