Vovanium @ 10/19/2021 01:13 commented on Silence: The Space Opera

Palette is nice and challenging, thanks for appreciating this effort.

Vovanium @ 10/19/2021 01:10 commented on Silence: The Space Opera

Thank you, i wondered if anyone like this random pixel placement

Vovanium @ 10/16/2021 06:26 commented on Attack of Silence

@Mirre, @Stickman Thanks!

Vovanium @ 10/11/2021 13:48 commented on The attack of the squeaker

Looks like a palette is designed for this.
My favourite!

Vovanium @ 10/11/2021 13:44 commented on Attack of Silence

Thanks to you all!
When i was drawing this i felt lettering's the only thing i can, and needed a course on anatomy and shading :)
Also palette is really the challenge.

Vovanium @ 10/9/2021 03:48 commented on Attack of Silence

A personification of Havana Syndome! :D

Vovanium @ 2/24/2021 11:43 commented on Desktop Icons

Thanks for warm response.


> The backwards Г used as a T really broke the readability for me though.

I feel ASCII-only people are pretty crazy about unusual forms of characters. E. g. they write ШE ΛЯЕ, and they fine, but cyrillic guy will spend some moments wondering 'That is this Sheh-Lyaye?!' before deciphering 'we are'.

I saw that T form in several demoscene pieces, seem it resemble '7' as in leetspeak. I found it good for 4 px wide font.


> But what's the deal with the print icon?

Actually There are several series of similar icons denoting different states or actions on objects, like battery empty, charging, missing, etc. I think it would be boring to see all of them.

Print icon is one of the series related to printer, meaning actually Printer Error. It shows a bloody-red cross on a paper. Printer Printing is the same without the cross. And Printer Idling shows less paper out.

> have icons like these on my phone

I don't know thow (end even if possible) to install own icon theme on a phone. For OpenDesktop compliant systems creating theme is pretty easy and striaghtforward: it is just a bunch of properly named PNGs and a description/index file. If there's converting tool exist then it is possible to make icon theme for phone.