Something Fishy @ 5/9/2021 12:05 commented on Taking Spot on a walk

ouch but thanks

Something Fishy @ 5/7/2021 01:28 commented on Diamond Mine

Lol Thanks!

Something Fishy @ 5/6/2021 00:10 commented on icon

This reminds me of the mechanical raven from a game called "Tick Tock: A Tale for Two"

Something Fishy @ 5/6/2021 00:04 commented on face

If you change the shape of the eyes it looks less like its dead eyeing you with a smile (or any other expressions).

Something Fishy @ 5/3/2021 03:47 commented on Earwig

At least this has better lighting than the entire movie.

And in my opinion a harder shadow on the face might help.

Something Fishy @ 4/11/2021 12:33 commented on Return to slime

Is evolving to crab still an option?

Something Fishy @ 4/7/2021 13:02 commented on fc11

They're so good I wish I could be more than one at once! 

Something Fishy @ 4/5/2021 13:15 commented on UFO Sighting

Thanks so much! 

I'm glad to hear that your a cool person. 

Something Fishy @ 4/5/2021 13:12 commented on ENA

Thanks for the advise, I'm new to pixel art and it really helps. 

Something Fishy @ 4/3/2021 18:02 commented on :D

Welcome to PJ 

Cute but if you were going for rave lights it looks more like police lights.

Something Fishy @ 4/1/2021 08:34 commented on My First Pixel Art Piece

Damn my first pixel art looked like shit 

also really cool design

Something Fishy @ 3/31/2021 15:11 commented on Burrito Boy

Someone who understands 

Something Fishy @ 3/29/2021 18:52 commented on Hornet Hollow Knight

This looks good but there are some red pixels scatered around and it looks like strays.

The out lines and string all have a lot of jaggies, here are some videos that can help and

You use pillow shading on the clothes but not the head which is both inconsistant and unintresting, here are some videos that would help and

You also used a lot of colors that look too similar and you could cut down your pallete, here is a video that could help with that

It's not like I'm a pro but I think that this might help so here you go 

Something Fishy @ 3/29/2021 13:47 commented on Fox turn around

Very cute and fluid, but most importantly he go

Something Fishy @ 3/29/2021 13:39 commented on Mars Fantasy Console

Very cute idea 

Something Fishy @ 3/28/2021 20:33 commented on The sher-LOC

lol thanks 

Something Fishy @ 3/27/2021 20:31 commented on Fantasy Console

Looks good but the frame rate is a bit stuttery, adding more in between frames would make it look more fluid.

Something Fishy @ 3/25/2021 18:09 commented on The sher-LOC

Thanks, and yeah most of the time making this went into animation. 

Something Fishy @ 3/25/2021 17:38 commented on Slime

Welcome to PJ!  There is a frame gap where the slime disappears. 

Something Fishy @ 3/25/2021 13:48 commented on Golden Blade

At first I mistook this as one of Finn's swords from Adventure Time. 

Something Fishy @ 3/24/2021 17:19 commented on Goblin

It's pretty good but the shading and coloring on the spear is a bit off. Try looking at other real life and pixel art spears to get a reference. 

Something Fishy @ 3/24/2021 13:15 commented on Sword_Rotation

AMAZING animation with REALLY good dynamic poses. 

Something Fishy @ 3/23/2021 21:53 commented on Adjusting gloves

Very nice texture. I was going to do this daily but I really hate making hands. 

Something Fishy @ 3/23/2021 21:50 commented on Merchants of St. Calypso

Very cute 

Something Fishy @ 3/23/2021 21:49 commented on Andrius

Looks amazing but the tail and fur look a little stiff .