yuanhai @ 1/25/2022 02:21 commented on The Hermit(gift)

Thank @redmilion

yuanhai @ 1/24/2022 22:24 commented on Yu-Gi-Oh! Large

I feel like there will be a lot of people participating this time.

yuanhai @ 1/24/2022 05:07 commented on Yu-Gi-Oh! Large

I think only the front is needed. Because the largest canvas is a vertical rectangle.

yuanhai @ 1/24/2022 03:24 commented on strawbunny

A rabbit with a green tail. so cute

yuanhai @ 1/24/2022 00:45 commented on Weekly Challenge:chestnut hedgehog

Thank @QueenKami

yuanhai @ 1/23/2022 03:40 commented on rising from the apples

Great idea, especially the apple core on the second grid.

yuanhai @ 1/22/2022 06:21 commented on Lost Fox

its hair is like silk

yuanhai @ 1/22/2022 05:55 commented on Starmadillo Fruit

Amazing light changes. Unparalleled palette.

yuanhai @ 1/21/2022 06:01 commented on Candle light

I love this curly hair and palette.

yuanhai @ 1/21/2022 00:48 commented on Agrias Among Ruins (a study)

The flowers and plants in the ruins are so beautiful.

yuanhai @ 1/20/2022 23:16 commented on Bookworm

so cute. love the feathers on the hat

yuanhai @ 1/20/2022 17:59 commented on Lovely Tree stump

This cute little scene fascinated me deeply. Btw, you can crop the preview icon to 64X64 and then you can set it as an avatar.

yuanhai @ 1/20/2022 17:48 commented on Big Bird

 A good news.

yuanhai @ 1/20/2022 07:12 commented on Big Bird

haha I know.I already know the rules, the next step is to consider what to draw or how to cooperate with other people.And free time(But it's almost the Spring Festival holiday, maybe I should take advantage of it...)

yuanhai @ 1/20/2022 04:47 commented on Big Bird

Might be a good idea, I'll have to read the rules first.

yuanhai @ 1/19/2022 20:27 commented on Big Bird

I wonder if there are any bigger events in PJ before April Fool's Day?

yuanhai @ 1/19/2022 19:13 commented on Big Bird

I also tried Fixeljoint yesterday. The upgraded comment box is really nice. And that favo feature, I don't have to create a new tab to mark favorites.

yuanhai @ 1/19/2022 18:41 commented on Tomato Beast

Very good palette and lively action

yuanhai @ 1/19/2022 18:36 commented on Lemonkey

Haha, there's a monkey hiding in a lemon

yuanhai @ 1/19/2022 18:24 commented on banana cat (weekly challenge)

There's a cat in a banana peel, this idea is awesome!

yuanhai @ 1/19/2022 07:21 commented on Lavender

Love the way you draw flowers and feathers.

yuanhai @ 1/18/2022 17:53 commented on Weekly Challenge:eggplant killer whale

@QueenKami   Thank :P and looking forward to your art

yuanhai @ 1/18/2022 17:51 commented on Sayan Mountains

feel sunny

yuanhai @ 1/17/2022 18:08 commented on A Strange Forest

If this scene existed in reality, I would want to see it.

yuanhai @ 1/17/2022 18:07 commented on Origami

I love the color palette and background design