yuanhai @ 6/3/2022 09:16 commented on Rocket(gift)

Thank you:p

yuanhai @ 3/27/2022 19:42 commented on Big Bird

Friday seems to be a special day this week.

yuanhai @ 3/25/2022 01:45 commented on Sweet home

peaceful view

yuanhai @ 3/21/2022 18:41 commented on Big Bird

If it's just for selling art, there's no need for NFTs. The essence of NFT is virtual currency of different denominations, and the picture is just the packaging of this currency. Artists may benefit from NFTs, but NFTs have nothing to do with artists.

yuanhai @ 3/20/2022 03:50 commented on Big Bird

I have encountered it a few times, and I have rejected it. And friends are not recommended to participate in NFT.
It's irritating that a lot of people hide their use when they hire pixel artists, trying to get a lot of pixel art for a very low price.
So I hate NFTs, at least those who sell NFTs.

yuanhai @ 3/20/2022 03:33 commented on Big Bird

It's been a year since I joined PJ, and I don't know why I didn't turn into a Cuttlefish, but I still want to congratulate myself in the chat room.

yuanhai @ 3/15/2022 18:19 commented on boardohm^2

fun challenge theme

yuanhai @ 3/2/2022 23:55 commented on Forest

Like the sun at 4:30 in the afternoon

yuanhai @ 2/27/2022 19:36 commented on Future Melancholy and Big Swirly Stuff

Love the swirl of clouds and the idea of the scene

yuanhai @ 2/27/2022 19:31 commented on Moonlit Ocean

tranquil scene

yuanhai @ 2/14/2022 22:29 commented on Wooden Fields

fantastic scene

yuanhai @ 2/13/2022 21:08 commented on Plunder or Plummet

This style is so pretty. It is not like the picture that will appear on the earth at all, but it is very harmonious.

yuanhai @ 2/13/2022 20:48 commented on New Wave

lines are mesmerizing

yuanhai @ 2/13/2022 20:37 commented on Panda Sticker

It looks so tender. love this palette

yuanhai @ 2/13/2022 20:34 commented on blu j

Floating eyes make it look goofy but cute

yuanhai @ 2/13/2022 20:30 commented on Magical Plant Staffs

Pretty! It's hard to say which one is the most likeable, because they are all so compelling.

yuanhai @ 2/13/2022 20:28 commented on Cubes

This idea is very interesting

yuanhai @ 2/13/2022 20:23 commented on Nordland

Love the water and clouds drawn by Eclipse89 as always.

yuanhai @ 2/13/2022 20:15 commented on fanart


yuanhai @ 2/11/2022 06:15 commented on Dream Game Mockup.

Very concerned if Weerdmeester's approach was successful

yuanhai @ 2/10/2022 20:10 commented on Rocket(gift)

Thank ^ ^

yuanhai @ 2/10/2022 19:04 commented on Dream Game Mockup.

Too beautiful. The first time I saw this, I thought, it must be one of my favorite pixle art.

BTW, just curious how big the gif is, has anyone else encountered this before? Maybe change the file name and upload it again?

yuanhai @ 2/10/2022 01:09 commented on Alolan Raichu

Anyway, this is just one of my own methods. Also, you can use this site PJ Image Specs ( and see what gawrone has to say.

yuanhai @ 2/10/2022 01:06 commented on Alolan Raichu

My experience is that I try not to use transparent layers or colors. Even if I use it for some reason, to keep the palette clean and to make sure each color makes sense, I will adjust the color of the parts covered by the transparent layer after merging the layers.^ ^

yuanhai @ 2/9/2022 23:36 commented on Alolan Raichu

nice palette