Henoi @ 8/3/2009 14:34 commented on Swagga

Dude that is awesome, love it!

Brother's got style!

Henoi @ 7/15/2009 03:48 commented on Laptop : ASUS F3JV

Looks good except I think the screen may be slightly too small, but that could be just me 

But overall the shading and the design is just great!

Henoi @ 7/15/2009 03:21 commented on Disgaea 2 RO Sprites

They look great!

Especially Laharl and his scarf

Oh and the shading is just right !

Henoi @ 7/15/2009 02:54 commented on Toon Dood

I dig it!

I think maybe try animating it? But I like it 

Henoi @ 7/8/2009 01:30 commented on Mini buddy : Lamib

Looks good man, but maybe change the eye colour, when I first saw it I thought he was wearing eye make up...maybe that's just me...

Other than that I'm digging the style a lot, I wanna see him animated!

Henoi @ 7/8/2009 01:25 commented on PlasmaRifle Range

Like Blumunkee said the details are textures are great, The suit looks great!

Henoi @ 7/7/2009 14:18 commented on Hunting for giants

This is absoltuely amazing, the horse, the knight, the grass... everything

I love the colours on this piece!

Henoi @ 7/7/2009 08:12 commented on Mysterious Glow

Haha thanks for all the comments guys, now it's up and people have said various anatomical problems with it, I have noticed them and have to agree

But thanks for all the postive comments and the critique It helps and hopefully I won't do the same again next time!

Henoi @ 7/6/2009 16:12 commented on N.G.Evangelion

I love it dude, the sprites have such character!

and the background is very fitting

Henoi @ 7/6/2009 01:13 commented on Mysterious glow

Yeah man this one's awesome, the lighting and execution are spot on

Henoi @ 7/5/2009 17:45 commented on Pulp Fiction...glow...

Haha I thought of this idea myself!

The light coming out of the brief case looks great