Kiwinuptuo @ 5/28/2011 08:06 commented on Thung Two

 Our site has moved to:

Maybe someone could change this. This would be nice :)

Kiwinuptuo @ 6/29/2010 15:47 commented on Template Walking

haha, what a nice aggressive walking style.

Really good work!

Kiwinuptuo @ 12/15/2009 15:23 commented on Mario is my Hero

oh my god, cant stop laughing about his jumping style.

Kiwinuptuo @ 12/14/2009 04:36 commented on RPG-Tree V3

yeah wait, i will give you the palette

It is important that the colors are similar with the colors of the house and the grass have to use the same colors like the leaves, its hard to make the leaves more sharper and the grass not.

if you use graphics gale and open the house image with it, the color palette will be load automatically, dont know if other programms do the same

My problem is the sharpness of the tree shouldn't be sharper than the house i posted a week ago. the green and brown  tones are always the same. i am triing to have have a maximum colorsize of 32 in the end, because then i didn't must re-edit single sprites or charsets, whatever, it's easier and more save for me

Kiwinuptuo @ 12/13/2009 18:21 commented on RPG-Tree V3

thanks for your comments, i am glad that you like it.

The color edits are better, yeah, but ONLY for this single sprite. I am using a global color palette which uses this colors. The overall map with those strong colors wouldn't fit the style of the game, but thanks for it even though. :)

Kiwinuptuo @ 12/8/2009 13:19 commented on Tilebased House

thank you all, i'm happy that you like it.

The tileset will have more variations when it's finished, i know that such edits are important for a good map. ;)

Kiwinuptuo @ 12/6/2009 22:14 commented on Mr Tree

I really like the soft colors, show us more in this style. : )

Kiwinuptuo @ 11/29/2009 23:06 commented on Atramentum - Lyra

Thanks for the post and the .gif onek, i changed the colors down to 19 colors, because with less colors he destroys the image too much.

I did'nt know, that the color palettes are so important, but i i'll try to learn more about them.

Kiwinuptuo @ 11/29/2009 10:02 commented on Atramentum - Lyra

Erm, i think you get me wrong.^^

I designed a naked character template and use this for all the character sets, like the small one in the corner.

If you want to see the template, here is a link of the thread where i had post them.