raphael_kox @ 11/1/2016 10:20 commented on Rolls 'n Ghosts

I might be taking cray pills, but somehow i can't export a transparent image from this file.
I'll change it for the bg color of the preview until i solve that. (should've done that sooner...)
Thanks for the input!

raphael_kox @ 10/17/2016 20:29 commented on Metroidvania

I'm working on the counterpart (stuffing Alucard on a Suit), coming soon o/

raphael_kox @ 10/6/2016 16:26 commented on Tasha - Blacksmith Cosplay

Thanks for the feedback, to be honest i'll try to make a bigger version

later, just because i'm not happy with the face at all.

Oh, and nice to meet you too! o/

raphael_kox @ 10/6/2016 16:25 commented on Megumin

Nice work!

You could make the last frames showing her on the ground, for a greater effect o/

raphael_kox @ 2/12/2016 17:48 commented on Skleelebros (Updated)

Thanks for the tip on the background!
I'll be uploading they separated with the expressions, and use those color instead.

raphael_kox @ 3/31/2011 07:54 commented on Ran of the Yakumos

 Oh God! What a beautifull Ran we have here x )

Great Animation and colours!

also as a side note...."CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!" xD

sorry can't help it  (i really love the series  >.<)


raphael_kox @ 3/28/2010 09:39 commented on Character Sprite Emotions/Expressions

Whoa very good work man!

i usually don't see character with this many expressions, this will sure stand out! =D

Btw Pride (Haruhi came to my mind, dunno why >.<) along with Embarassment #2 and Disgusting are ,my favs

raphael_kox @ 3/23/2010 17:45 commented on Shibuya in 7 days...

oh yeah, its more round, but i actually liked how the "bat-like" form stand out a bit more =] (also, making the tip of it was a very good  pratice)

and i really love the game too, specially the graphical style, its awessome! xD

when i have some more time, i'll try to fix this (hmm.proportion?)

thanks for the feedback o/

raphael_kox @ 11/16/2009 06:40 commented on Blala

Caramelldansen, anyone? :P

raphael_kox @ 11/13/2009 02:42 commented on Catgirl in a swimsuit

Wow good o.O

for some reason she reminds me of Rei Ayanami

raphael_kox @ 10/14/2009 05:45 commented on Toc Through the Blue Gate

Man awesome graphics!!

Hey, i use MMF2, but the only thing that keeps me from finishing anything are the graphics...i'm more of a programmer than a spriter...

if you want i could do something to help, just tell me exactly "how" you want it to be, i'll make an engine...mabye you like it

'cause sure its too sad that these graphics dont go in an game...

raphael_kox @ 10/5/2009 05:40 commented on Nerdic Loving

About the palett, its look like some math-like palett.

I use it a lot on iso pixels, get a color and add or subtract about 20(subtle)~60(harsh) from brightness to get each shade...

raphael_kox @ 9/24/2009 07:25 commented on Myself as...Rockerchik :P

Wow, awesome!


ps: is that an Marshall?

raphael_kox @ 9/8/2009 16:28 commented on Master Sword

Wow, very good!

A double what IQbrew said about the dark shade...

mabye if you make it a highlight instead?

raphael_kox @ 7/17/2009 18:39 commented on Link - Megaman Battle Network Style

oh, sorry for this, removed o/

raphael_kox @ 7/17/2009 07:04 commented on ISO Telephone

Oh, sorry.

Already fixed it (i don't get what "preview" mean at first).

and thanks for the comment ^^"