Ahlden @ 10/17/2021 07:54 commented on Mating call

люся ты гдиэ-э-э!!1!

Замечательная работа с не менее замечательными сюжетом и персонажем

Ahlden @ 9/11/2021 19:59 commented on o : | : o

Wrex, you finally posted it you nerd, you confuse people so much they think its a photo lol

legendary freaking amazing work, darned realism nerd 

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Pig_catapult, lol don't worry, he's been working for this one for a while

Ahlden @ 6/24/2021 16:07 commented on Rubroboletus Satanas

8Nephila8, thanks! for the subject, it was supposed to be a little mushroom guide; Rubroboletus satanas is highly poisonous so I drew a skull near it