spoonsweet @ 11/24/2022 07:29 commented on Simon of Prozzšk 2

I'm in!


  • chunky pixels
  • limited colour palettes 
  • the concept of symbiosis
  • weird connections
  • hidden details
  • stylized art more than realism

But go and do what you will! This is really exciting!

PS: since I do not have much on my PJ account you want something more personal made have a look around

spoonsweet @ 10/22/2022 10:23 commented on spoonsweet logo

Glad you like it! Took a series of iterations to reach this design

spoonsweet @ 10/18/2022 00:56 commented on Cerberus Boss - Pixelween 2022

Thanks for dropping by, and noticing these details! It does make it look busy, but I hope the general shapes of the hero vs boss stand out.

spoonsweet @ 10/18/2022 00:55 commented on Doctor Silas Echo

oh wow! The lore goes deep!
Happy my guess was correct, and you have kept it consistent! Great work!

spoonsweet @ 10/17/2022 00:21 commented on Monster Dentist - Boss


spoonsweet @ 10/17/2022 00:20 commented on Doctor Silas Echo

Hey! Its the bat boss!
Is he the one behind the puppets?

spoonsweet @ 10/17/2022 00:17 commented on Cerberus Boss - Pixelween 2022

Not if you blow him up first! 

spoonsweet @ 6/28/2022 05:58 commented on "just like the simulations"

hehe thanks!
It was supposed to be like this top down to the side kind of thing. It does look a bit off hehe

spoonsweet @ 6/11/2021 09:47 commented on Cave Mockup

Your fire is on fire!
Fantastic effect, I am trying to study those plump clusters:

The colour change starting from light, to darkening corners, to full dark thick crosses, fading to nothing.

Love it!