alampridius @ 5/28/2021 02:23 commented on Petite Panorama Challenge: Fantasy Nation Is Attacked By A White Dragon Who Burns A Town

Flinigan: Thank you! I like descriptive titles. I hope to participate in more challenges.

vrine: Thank you!

Hapiel: Thank you!

Sarahboev: Thank you!

MrQuetch: Thank you! I am also happy with the colors, I believe it benefitted from 3 clearly seperate color ramps, 2 of which are very simple (8 colors in black → brown → light blue ramp, 3 colors in red ramp, 3 colors in green ramp); with more complex palettes (where the colors do not organize into a small number of discrete ramps) the colors often blend together more and look less distinct.

Theoden: Thank you!