inphy @ 2/15/2019 05:16 commented on Sidescroller shmup background 1

I haven't had anyone ask me for permission. Would you be able to link the video for me?

inphy @ 5/8/2018 04:00 commented on Big Bird

1. Not as often as I'd like to but I still check things out.

2. That it has given a platform for so many to post their work, learn from others, and receive critique. It's always great and inspiring to see someone's work improving over time.

3. With the help of others I've learned techniques and skills to allow me to do things I didn't even think I could do before, but I've also learned that there is still so much learning to do, it never stops. Just sticking to your guns with what you know doesn't make you get better.

inphy @ 8/4/2017 06:21 commented on Big Bird

5. My style

inphy @ 11/4/2016 02:06 commented on RGB Girl

You have quite a lot of pillow shading going on, plus the lineart itself is fairly jagged. You also don't need strong outline to define facial features, a quick (not perfect) example of how you would accomplish definition with shading:

Of course, the outlines might be a stylistic choice too, but even then they're a bit jaggy like the rest of the lineart, and the shading for example on the nose and hair don't quite work.

The purpose of the background is also a bit lost on me. But still, a good start.

inphy @ 11/3/2016 15:34 commented on Looking Towards the Horizon

You don't really have to resize these, PJ has tools for zoom in/out conveniently under the piece. These are often too wide for the page itself and a portion of the piece is lost to overflow from their right side, just like on this one. You can just leave them at regular, unresized size, and let people resize them .

inphy @ 11/1/2016 01:31 commented on Birch

Yeah, the canopy blends in with the grass a bit too much, and the shadow is pretty strong, making it kind of look like there's a hole in the ground.

inphy @ 11/1/2016 01:29 commented on Ancient Axe

Can you link the original? It's always inspiring to see the difference between new and old, and see the improvement over time. :)

inphy @ 11/1/2016 01:28 commented on One Smiley Giant

For practice, I would recommend going to the WIP forum, you'll get more comments there.

inphy @ 11/1/2016 01:24 commented on Farm House In Sunset

Not bad for your first one, the horizon and perspective are a bit strange though because it looks like world ends behind that fence. The sunset is a bit contradicting too, on a sunset like that you could expect a lot of contrast and shifting towards orange, but the rest of the scene is lit like in broad daylight.

inphy @ 11/1/2016 01:19 commented on Day 3-metrosexual octopus

Why not direct all this effort into making one really good piece instead of splitting all the energy up into smaller pieces? It's not about how many pieces you have in your gallery after all - you could use the process for your own learning but if you're doing it just out of compulsion because you "need to do a new piece for today" or "I need to fill my gallery", the point is kind of lost.

inphy @ 11/1/2016 01:13 commented on 30 day - dinosaur

I think these would have been much better gathered into one big collage, instead of small separate pieces. Your gallery isn't supposed to be about the number of pieces in it after all. Or is there something you believe you learned from doing this? Some of these small pieces look kinda nice though, and I imagine if you had put the same amount of effort into one "masterpiece", the end result could've been pretty cool!

inphy @ 11/1/2016 01:06 commented on Blue helmet soldier

It looks very mspainty/sketchy, but nevertheless it's a good start! The way you've shaded the helmet makes it look like it's a block, and there's no depth to it aside from the "cheeks" that look like they have collapsed inwards. The grey lines are probably meant to be wear and combat damage, but you might get better results if you'd try to shade them as grooves instead. Now they look a bit out of place. I'd recommend looking up some tutorials about shading, keep it up!

inphy @ 11/1/2016 01:00 commented on Lost and in love in space

To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm looking at here.

inphy @ 11/1/2016 00:58 commented on Rolls 'n Ghosts

The white background color is quite distracting, the color on the preview is much nicer on the eyes.

inphy @ 12/24/2015 14:36 commented on Curious Water

Small edit

Regarding the water, sometimes less can be more. I took one color and just started floodfilling randomly to remove colors, and after a while the result started reading a bit more like water. I think what makes it hard to read as water is that the even a small puddle is basically a mirror, and you'd expect to see a reflection of some sort, generally a reflection of something else in the picture. When it's like that though, it's hard to connect it to being a reflection of anything, making it hard to read as water. "Busy" and colorful water is of course fine, but even in these examples you can see how the reflection helps understanding it as water.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

There are also three things I'm not sure what they are; is that a tree or a far away path? Is that a cliff or a ravine? Is that a shrubbery or something else entirely?

I also didn't quite understand the structure of the creature, I tried to outline it in black but I'm still not sure what's what.

inphy @ 12/24/2015 14:10 commented on Big Bird

Merry Christmas, PJ

inphy @ 10/10/2015 06:38 commented on niss

Thanks for the interview!

inphy @ 7/27/2015 16:23 commented on Big Bird

Haven't visited in a while and suddenly this! Nice work on the update, site is super responsive now. :)

inphy @ 4/25/2015 15:00 commented on mountain chain (Weekly)

Four colors is plenty ;) Just for future inspiration, check out glasses' entry for the challenge, he gets a lot of mileage out of two colors.

inphy @ 10/22/2014 14:38 commented on Nuckelavee

Live stream? Twitch? Smells like TREND to me.

Nice work though. ;)

inphy @ 7/7/2014 10:26 commented on Build, Expand And Invade

Everything counts, and everything must done by you.

inphy @ 7/6/2014 00:07 commented on Self-Portrait

Hi! PixelJoint has a "zoom in" feature so you don't have to upload images this big; we can't zoom out.

inphy @ 7/6/2014 00:03 commented on Build, Expand And Invade

It actually has 197 colors.

inphy @ 7/4/2014 13:44 commented on Random 62

Considering you uploaded yet another "Random xx" piece, I'm not sure you do. You need to put more effort on exploring different concepts, applying those concepts and studying other people's work to see how they've dealt with them, and not push out more and more "Random xx" pieces. Pushing out 100 Random pieces doesn't mean you learn anything all, it's not about the quantity. There is no prize or a level up waiting when you hit some number.

There's nothing to learn in the palette; sure, you can be stubborn and stick with it because it's part of your "gamedan" thing, but there's nothing to be gained from continuing to use it. You're not gaining any meaningful experience by sticking with it, and you're not learning anything with it.

You can create better pixel art if you want to, but do you really want to?

inphy @ 7/2/2014 22:26 commented on Random 62

But are you? What did you learn between, say, Random 34 and Random 62? Or Random 41 and Random 42?

What I mean is, you don't learn how to fix a car by fastening and unfastening the same bolt over a over again. It's not about how many pieces you can put out, there's no xp bar going up and no level up in sight just by repetition.

It's not about making very complex scenes either. You need to be aware of different concepts, like colors, shading, composition, etc, and then try to apply those things. That's how you will learn, by stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something completely new to you. Figuring out what works, and then iterating, trying again from a slightly different angle. Study other people's work to see how they have applied these concepts, and then try, and try again.

I understand this palette is part of the "gamedan" setup, but if you want to learn, put it aside for a while.