Artic @ 2/14/2016 19:51 commented on Markimoo

Markiplier is great! This is great too!

I do feel that the distance between his lips and his nose is a bit too long though, maybe raise his mouth and stubble up a bit? Looking at his actual face, his upper-stubble starts right under the nose, so the gap you have here seems a bit off. Otherwise looks great, I was able to immediately tell it's him. Nice colours too

Artic @ 2/6/2016 22:32 commented on Majora's Mask

Love the colours!

The smaller spikes could use a little bit of work, however. Particularly the third-to-bottom row of them (The red and orange ones, directly diagonal of the eyes themselves) appear curved because of the way you pixel'd the very tips. If it's a stylistic choice, it works, but I remember all the spikes being straight in the official artwork :)

Additionally the eyes look kinda jagged, you've got some banding going on there (You may already know what banding is, but in case you don't - follow the link, and scroll down to the red half circle.) I think the rectangular shape of the shine on the eyes isn't helping that either. See how it looks with the banding fixed and without the shine first, and then go back in and try to blend the shine in without disrupting the illusion of a perfect circle/sphere.

Otherwise very nicely done, I especially like the shades of indigo you chose. Cheers!

Artic @ 2/2/2016 15:31 commented on Colourful Cadets

Thanks for all the input. I really appreciate it, especially because I've never pixel'd anything like this before; it's usually simpler stuff dealing with less detail and stuff. I went ahead and made some changes with your critique in mind, and have now reuploaded the main image. I hope the new changes are enough to help differentiate the characters now! :)

I also made some more adjustments to just help things look better.

Artic @ 2/2/2016 10:02 commented on Colourful Cadets

Noted, thank you. I nuanced some of the existing details and slightly changed some things proportionally, as well as added some more details. How does it look now? Bottom row are the new ones

Artic @ 1/28/2016 09:51 commented on Conversational Cadet

I'm not so sure about that. I personally prefer the way it looks with the outline on the darker part of the face, as a stylistic choice - it helps maintain a "slightly cartoony" dimension of the image. I'll definitely consider it as I continue to work on all the other graphics, though! Thanks for the input :)

Artic @ 1/27/2016 22:47 commented on Villager

This is so cute! The animation feels very fluid, great work!

Artic @ 1/25/2016 19:22 commented on Crescent Cadet

Thanks! I've made the background opaque now, I also like it better this way. Making it transparent was a bit of a habitual action :x

Artic @ 9/29/2014 14:28 commented on Twisted Blackjack Mockup

A slight bit of AA on the diamonds on the cards might help their shape not seem so wavy.

Artic @ 9/26/2014 12:31 commented on Zombie Doodle

Love it! These would look awesome if animated ;)

Artic @ 9/18/2014 00:33 commented on Orc dude

I keep wanting this to be Shrek when I see the preview in the gallery

Artic @ 8/31/2014 10:08 commented on A blocky dungeon

Ah, okay! I was just pointing it out incase you'd meant for it to be like a traditional chest. I didn't so much mean that it contrasts with the locking mech in the front, I had simply assumed that you were going for a traditional chest since, when unopened, it had an extremely identical appearance. In that case, you did a great job with that effect haha

When I said it bothered me I didn't mean that it looks bad in any way either. I was just under the assumption you were going fo rsomething else. Great work!

Artic @ 8/30/2014 19:43 commented on A blocky dungeon

I love the way it looks, but the chest animation bothers me. It looks more like the lid/head of the chest slides back as it opens, versus simply rotating on an axis like a real chest would. Let me see if I can have this make more sense...

The lid of the chest right now looks like it's sliding off the back as it's being opened, similar to how you'd take the lid off an old, unhinged casket or anything like that. However, a traditional chest (thinking like, pirate's treasure chest) opens by rotating around it's axis, which would be located at the back of the lid, where it is hinged to the base of the chest. The front lifts up and away, whereas the very back of the chest stays in the exact same place becau'se it's hinged there.

I'm assuming this is the kind of chest you're trying to emulate as well, because of the locking area in front.

If anybody can do a better job of explaining what I mean, please do so haha

Once again, absolutely love the way this all looks. The colors are fantastic and the style overall is appealing

Artic @ 3/28/2014 08:18 commented on Infectonator - News Reporter Skins

The linework is nice, but the pillowshading/banding does not do the image justice

Artic @ 1/24/2014 07:19 commented on More cake = better

I know it's a candle at the top, but I can't help but find humor in the fact that it also kinda looks like a finger :)

As vrine said, wonderful colors, the entirely black background gives it an interesting feel

Artic @ 1/24/2014 07:15 commented on Take You Home

Thanks :) and actually I've been avoiding AA entirely lately as a stylistic choice. I know it might make some things look more jagged or less finished, but that almost the kinda look I'm going for (of course, I'm trying my best to avoid any blatantly ugly eyesores. Just experimenting for now.)

Thanks for the input :)

Artic @ 1/23/2014 15:54 commented on Dango

Cute! :)

The animation flows very nicely and gives a very soft, squishy appearance to the image. However, and this may just be me, but 2 things bug me. 1) there's a very dynamic bend in the shape on the way down, which doesn't appear on the way up, which is confusing to the eye, as the object starts at the ground and ends at the ground. Basically, it should also have that bend in the middle/"lagging" sides when it jumps, not just as it falls. 2) While the image is very fluent, the abrupt landing, which is absent of any real bendiness, bounciness, or squishiness, also creates a frustrating contrast on the eyes. A few extra frames where the character slightly flattens out and then regains its initial shape would help this a lot.

...looking again right before posting this comment, there does seem to be a "bounciness" to the landing. However, the transition in shape makes it seem less bouncy or more "snappy" as if it suddenly has to regain its original shape instead of freely flowing into that shape... does that make sense? :0

Artic @ 1/21/2014 09:35 commented on Gee, It Sure Is Cold In Here!

I agree about the shoulders down, I think it's mainly because I didn't actually define any of that area, whereas the upper half has much more definition. I'm thinking I'll put a "spinal line" or maybe a shirt. Shirts make it easy to tell back to front. She is, in fact, facing away. The hair directly to the left of the cowlick is also a little rough, so I'll smooth that out a bit too.

also I find faces to be the funnest part of any drawing I do, so that kinda shows up here. oops haha

thanks for the feedback :)

Artic @ 12/13/2011 17:57 commented on Behemoth

I agree, the quality on some parts could really use some work. Something about the legs just doesn't seem right to me, and there are alot of rough edges.

This reminds me of the Deathclaws from the Fallout series. Just saying.

Artic @ 8/25/2011 19:55 commented on Puppix: Collie

Pixeljoint has a built in zoom +/- feature, so please do not resize images to anything besides their regular scale

I love the smooth bounciness of this image, very nice

Artic @ 8/21/2011 19:10 commented on Here's...Harry!

I really like this. The colors, the definition, everything! My only question though, are the wings supposed to be detatched like that? Or did you forget to connect them?

Artic @ 8/21/2011 00:02 commented on Professor Avalanche!

This picture is really hard to understand. First of all I personally never AA text unless its huge. It can just make it harder to read sometimes. The person calling for help looks a little junky. If there wasn't a text bubble coming from them I wouldn't be able to tell that was a person. Also, the buldings and the robot have the same colors, making it really hard to percieve what is part of the robot, and where it starts and ends (without having to stare it down). Speaking of the buildings, buildins are usuing nice, straight, and linear. The ones you have here have some bizarre curves in them. Finally, I have no idea what those orange/brown things are in the back. Rocks? Orange smoke? Explosions?

Fix these things up and you've got yourself a pretty good piece! :)

Artic @ 8/20/2011 19:55 commented on Great... That makes me the last woman on Earth.

Ah, I see. So frequency... right now the animation is set to a ratio of 1:4 (1 being the amount of frames containing a shot, 4 the total amount of frames) so you think making the ratio 2:4 (1:2) would make it better? The only problem I see with that is that it would have alot less fluency and that there wouldn't be any clean frames (every frame would have the shot-light on it) Thats why I liked the idea of speeding it up better since I don't lose frames. I'll experiment and see what works.

Artic @ 8/20/2011 14:24 commented on Great... That makes me the last woman on Earth.

So you're saying that I should speed up the animation? I could do that, but I want it to be in sync with the speed of all the other cast members. When I go through the final round making adjustments to all 4 characters I'll speed up their animations (The characters with the Assault rifles are also slower than they should be). For now I wanted to make it a little bit slower than it would actually be in reality for observational purposes, incase anything was odd with a specific frame or something along those lines.

Thanks for the comments

Artic @ 8/20/2011 10:12 commented on Son, we just crossed the street. Let's not throw a party 'til we're out of the city!

I was considering that from the very start with Louis, but the thing is I'm always very uncomfortable with drawing seperate objects in one sprite. Probably because most of the spriting I do is for games that I attempt to make, where something like the shells would be spawned as a different object so that each one could eject with some variation and respond to the environment correctly. However, I'll try it out with Francis and if it works then I'll come back to everybody else in the final run and give them the shells too. And if anybody's wondering, this isn't for a game. What I said about the games and stuff was just to explain my habit.

Oh yeah and I'm gonna edit this sprite in the final run because I did the collar wrong so it looks like a hoodie instead of a jacket. I might make the forearms thicker too so it doesn't look so tight.

Thanks for the comments guys!

Artic @ 8/19/2011 22:55 commented on Avatar

Oh hey I remember your avatar, back from when I went to MFGG. Welcome to pixeljoint, my friend :) (I think my username was Mike when I finally left.)

As for the image, the only thing I don't like is that fact that all of the green/black squares have AA on their corners, but the blue squares/eyes don't. Other than that I would say this is a-okay!