Pragz @ 8/25/2010 13:53 commented on its cooold out here

Wow, very nice texturing. Loving those trees!

The character sprite is very well done, too. As Roller said, I like how it stands out so well. Maybe if you removed the dark blue from the ground tile that connects to his head it would be a little bit better? Either way, it's fabulous!

Pragz @ 8/13/2010 10:26 commented on Orc

The banding on the cleaver is really out-of-place considering the rest of the awesome work. Very awesome pic!

And welcome to PJ!

Pragz @ 8/13/2010 10:23 commented on mounted samurai archer

Love love LOVE how you colored it. Only thing that bugs me is his left arm's position; looks like the upper arm part is way too long.

Very nice piece! Got my vote. :D

Pragz @ 8/11/2010 18:04 commented on A lone warrior.

Well, he did say "inspired" instead "photocopied in pixels." :P

Jk, jk. Very nice piece! Fantastic use of the palette. :)

Pragz @ 8/8/2010 18:52 commented on Yus Bird goes Gameboy Color

Your attention to detail is unsurpassed. *jealous*

Pragz @ 7/30/2010 12:50 commented on Room for one last project

Great to have you back. :)

Pragz @ 7/11/2010 16:39 commented on Finally an avatar~

I wish. ; .;

Pragz @ 7/10/2010 22:34 commented on Hoi game intro picture

I looked through the Screenshot gallery of that game you linked to. Absolutely no aspect of that game is pillow-shaded. The simple knowledge of what such a thing is is something I'd expect a 10+ year veteran of the industry to know.

You're not fooling me. :\

Pragz @ 7/10/2010 06:30 commented on Hoi game intro picture

No. No pixel-artist for 10-years, even in those days, would use crappy pillow-shading as an excuse for "cartoon shading."

Pragz @ 7/8/2010 15:42 commented on Hoi game intro picture

I simply cannot believe you did all this by yourself. Rocks like those take a lot of talent and experience to do as they are done here, whereas the frog is completely pillowshaded and looks like someone completely new to pixel art did it.

I don't know where all these different color counts are coming from, but GIMP just told me it was 28, so... Sorry, I just don't think you did all this yourself.

Pragz @ 7/7/2010 14:17 commented on Pixel Painter

Did you save this as a JPEG at some time? There's a bunch of pixel noise, especially in the preview.

Pragz @ 7/7/2010 14:15 commented on Gypsy Queen

Not pixel art.

Pragz @ 7/7/2010 00:40 commented on Anthem of the Heart, Mind and Gut [Nudity, NSFW]

PJ doesn't have a rule against nudity; they have a rule against pornography. If this was a scene depicting to people "getting down", then you might have a problem. :P

Pragz @ 7/1/2010 22:17 commented on Indigena de la Sierra Nevada de Santamarta

I don't speak the language they were using, so I couldn't understand it. Sorry. ):

Pragz @ 7/1/2010 18:41 commented on Indigena de la Sierra Nevada de Santamarta

...I don't get it?

Pragz @ 6/30/2010 09:05 commented on Bank card pattern

Not too sure it would work for business cards, since they're generally very simple and clean. But for a bank card, this is perfect. :)

Pragz @ 6/21/2010 20:22 commented on Crate cat: Honduras

It doesn't really matter that it may or may not look like a new cat. You're supposed to make entirely new pixels for the challenge and specifically for the challenge. Would it really be so hard to draw a new cat in a new perspective or at a new angle?

Pragz @ 6/19/2010 13:14 commented on Sexy Tetris

Yeah, things like iLlke's Skeleharp and dragon plane were allowed. It's not that I consider it "dirty", just that things such as that don't exude the feel of total pixel control until arduously redefined.

Pragz @ 6/18/2010 22:57 commented on Sexy Tetris

Did you use the indexed paint mode then? I'm just wondering. :B

Pragz @ 6/18/2010 19:44 commented on Tetrical Nightmare [8 colors]

And where does that put you as an artist? Challenges are devised in ways that make people expand upon their creative talents while adhering to guidelines and furthening their skills. This allows them to become better artists by stirring their creative juices, teaching them how to work with limitations, and how to do things on a time limit.

What you exhibit is completely counterproductive to the work these challenges present. How does this make you better? Do you honestly think that if someone contracted you to do a piece and you skirted their rules and guidelines they'd accept it? Hell no. They wouldn't pay you and find someone else who would do the job.

Sure, the work is good. The outcome is not. This does not add to your gallery in any way, as now all these commenters just see you as someone out for ribbions and attention.

Go ahead and report this post if you will. This isn't an "insane or hostile rant," and is "constructive" and "[contains] some amount of logic and sanity."

Pragz @ 6/18/2010 19:35 commented on Sexy Tetris

Erm... is she balding? Her hairline starts waaaaaay back. And the anatomy of her right (the front one) leg is all kinds of wonky. ):

But still pretty nice! Though I'm also getting the vibe Skamocore is. :\

Pragz @ 6/18/2010 00:38 commented on Tetrical Nightmare [8 colors]

This is a "challenge". What's "challenging" about doodling, making an image, then deciding it fits the rules and submitting? What a slap in the face to all the people who actually worked on something originally and fully intended for the challenge.

Pragz @ 6/15/2010 02:24 commented on Automata

Interesting, yes. Pixel art by practially any means, no. ):

Pragz @ 6/14/2010 22:50 commented on Automata

3,841 colors + Generated by a program =/= Pixel Art

Pragz @ 6/9/2010 17:25 commented on Avatar

I thought they were as long as they were controlled and used appropriately? It's not like it's adding to the image in any way, save for the ability for it to look good for all users on all themes. ):

My latest image's thumb used half-transparent pixels. Does this mean I should change that? o.o