benanderson @ 2/14/2010 16:29 commented on Taylor

 Thanks :)

I wasn't sure about the dithering since I've never been very good at it. Nice to know I'm at least heading in the right direction now.

I didn't know about the zoom. I'll keep that in mind for future pictures p:

benanderson @ 8/20/2009 14:34 commented on Little Green Planet

I think I see the problem here... I've blurred the line between Pixel art and Raster art. *facepalm* sorry. :b

I'll delete this and get to using a combination of the spray can and pixel by pixel dithering.

benanderson @ 8/20/2009 08:30 commented on Little Green Planet

 I don't see why it shouldn't be classed as pixel art. It's still on a pixel by pixel level. If it was automatic smoothing or antialiasing then I would understand why it wouldn't be allowed but the spray can tool does essentially the same thing and people use that all the time...

benanderson @ 8/17/2009 09:08 commented on Amiga Family

 This picture is very old and very simplistic I know. I'm still pretty much new too the whole pixel thing (its something I don't do often). In my future pieces I will try to put more effort into them. :)

benanderson @ 8/17/2009 09:06 commented on Pixel Roland Juno

 This was just a quick picture. I'm working on a far better one right now. :)

benanderson @ 8/16/2009 12:07 commented on Say no to booze

 Oh my dear sweet jesus.

I don't know what to say. It's a stunning piece that is amazing in every conceivable way.

benanderson @ 8/16/2009 11:25 commented on Seeder

 I'm speechless, this is beyond amazing.

benanderson @ 8/16/2009 11:11 commented on Pixel Party!

I downloaded it and gave it some transparency too see what it would look like. It looks better with the white. The high contrast suits it perfectly.

If you want to add transparency to your future works then download a program called Paint.NET

It's basically MSPaint but with layers and transparency support. Some photo editing stuff in there too 

benanderson @ 8/16/2009 11:02 commented on Final Boss Mech-stravaganza

The faux C64 effect is a nice touch, I really like it. 

More of a background would've been nice rather than just black but thats just me.

benanderson @ 8/16/2009 10:56 commented on Victory and Defeat

 Excellent work! I love it. :)

benanderson @ 8/15/2009 13:45 commented on ∆

 Screw the extra detail, the simplicity of it all gives it a very smooth and fresh look! I love it. It's peaceful yet ominous at the same time. 

benanderson @ 8/15/2009 13:42 commented on Random sea dream including eye and fish. and burning house of course.

Wow, all in only two colours.

I really need to learn how to dither properly. :B

Excellent work.

benanderson @ 8/15/2009 13:39 commented on 2612 Pixel cover

 Yeha I know the AA doesn't look too good. I'll attempt to fix that at a later date or remove it completely (most likely the latter).

Thanks for the comment :)

benanderson @ 8/15/2009 13:26 commented on Micro Owl

The original logo was a bunch of circular blobs.

So I guess you could categorize it as an edit. As long as I'm able to use it as my own avatar I'm not bothered about the main gallery. :)