DawnBringer @ 2/20/2021 16:36 commented on ls 01

Congratz to your first 1st, Jeremy! :)

DawnBringer @ 2/12/2021 10:49 commented on Water sprite

Tight pixels, very attractive and well balanced colors! But yeah, that's one big frog in the middle image! :D

DawnBringer @ 1/16/2021 11:54 commented on Dead room

Strong month!

DawnBringer @ 1/10/2021 16:21 commented on Take a SAT

Are we trying to speak swedish? :D

DawnBringer @ 1/3/2021 15:25 commented on Faces in palettes 3

Another nice collection!

DawnBringer @ 12/30/2020 05:12 commented on portrait - commission 16 col (atari ST)

Neat! How come you use 3 programs (other than using DPIII on Atari to make sure it looks right)?

DawnBringer @ 12/26/2020 11:47 commented on Spaghettification

Put down the mushrooms and step back!

So, are those rasters like an automatic effect you can poke your way too....or would you have to match the image "manually"?

DawnBringer @ 12/15/2020 11:54 commented on stompbox

Why is there a birthday smiley after andylittle's name?

DawnBringer @ 12/14/2020 04:37 commented on Little Kitty

Phew! For a second I thought it was R,G & B only! :D

DawnBringer @ 12/9/2020 17:08 commented on Big Bird

Is that a lump of coal in sedgemonkeys stocking?

DawnBringer @ 12/6/2020 09:23 commented on Item: Potion

All these recent images use the same palette right? It might be more impressive and easier to view if they were collected into one big collage.

DawnBringer @ 12/5/2020 06:24 commented on Blue

Looks like extracts from a fossil-themed tileset. Very nice! :)

DawnBringer @ 12/4/2020 09:57 commented on Mine Wars (C64 Hires)

Minimal is your only option with C64 hires and 2 colors per 8x8 area!

DawnBringer @ 12/3/2020 04:10 commented on Mine Wars (C64 Hires)

@ptoing: Pfft, just play it in an emulator with a good monitor! ;) ...In all honesty; there's also a few other elements/techniques in there that probably wouldn't be practical or even feasible in a real dynamic game.

@everyone: Thanx guys!

DawnBringer @ 12/1/2020 06:22 commented on Worst of Summer by Justin Lawder

Very slick!

DawnBringer @ 11/20/2020 06:00 commented on Contagious Crustacean

The textured background is really neat!

DawnBringer @ 11/18/2020 06:38 commented on Tablet of Water

I'm noticing a theme in your recent submissions! :D

DawnBringer @ 11/16/2020 04:12 commented on The Vampires

So weird, I had no expectations from my piece. Makes me wonder if we don't have a new generation of artists that takes a growing interest in the technical aspects of pixelart?...and that pleases me!  :)

Congratz to all the trophians! 

DawnBringer @ 11/10/2020 05:59 commented on Rockwell girl

Nice, but unless you're sticking to a preset palette, you might have gone a little bit too orange for the Rockwell aestethics. His and other similar contemporary art was characterized by pale skin, pink hues and blushes. Breaking up the skintones with a light pink could breathe more life into your rendition.

DawnBringer @ 11/3/2020 07:52 commented on SAW 1

Wow, that's an even bigger drop than I thought! Some of that is because of Jal :(

PJ is not (just) about kissing ass, folks. Get on with the questions, opinions and constructive critique!...

DawnBringer @ 11/3/2020 04:41 commented on Big Bird

@skamocore: Hehe, no but I have done art with a joystick on a C64...now that's a slow process!

DawnBringer @ 11/3/2020 04:37 commented on SAW 1

Yeah, it's my impression that commenting has gone down in recent years, more so than other things. Do you have any stats on the comments/favs ratio over time?

DawnBringer @ 11/2/2020 17:00 commented on Big Bird

I enjoy the rigidity of pressing buttons! 

X,Y, & Z to flip and rotate brushes. Tab to swap buffers. Shift-"<" to auto-pick-up a brush. 

Other than that I rarely use the keyboard...hehe.

DawnBringer @ 11/2/2020 04:14 commented on Blood friends

Brilliantly illuminated!

I enjoy how the composition is supported by the use of diagonal lines.

My only gripe is that you have some banding in the mushroom stems on the right (it's a 1 min fix).

DawnBringer @ 11/1/2020 05:44 commented on Halloween 2020


That dim outline-glow around Stringy-Medusa is neat a effect. The smoke on Iggy Pop is pretty nice too!