crow @ 12/18/2009 22:32 commented on Dwarf Fortress

ok sorry...well all I'm saying is that if you keep it up you might be able to do things like that! good luck with that lol

crow @ 12/8/2009 19:18 commented on Foo Fighters

omg i love how the bass play is all mellow. that is so realistic

crow @ 11/20/2009 20:03 commented on Big Bird

what do you guyz think waz the best pix jo contest?

crow @ 11/18/2009 20:28 commented on Hot-Air smaller sprites

so are you mat or jon anal? you probably wont answer now that your so famous

crow @ 11/11/2009 16:47 commented on zombie game mockup

ha! i never looked at it that way

crow @ 11/9/2009 16:42 commented on zombie game mockup


crow @ 11/8/2009 14:57 commented on zombie game mockup

i dont know i just wanted to try a mockup. i reaaly hav 0 exprence with this kind of stuff

crow @ 11/7/2009 16:29 commented on Legend of Iya. Bearos walk cycle.

for me the is only 2nd to fool's dragon in animation skillz

crow @ 10/28/2009 16:59 commented on me: in dithering and aa

really jao?!?!  how old r u?

crow @ 10/28/2009 11:18 commented on me: in dithering and aa

okay ill try to fix it.

what is banding?

crow @ 10/27/2009 19:32 commented on crow cartoon

thanks guyz

crow @ 10/20/2009 19:37 commented on Realms of Quest III Splash Screen

you sir(lady) are the true master of dithering. you execute it extermely well

crow @ 10/12/2009 17:09 commented on Myself

is your name steve. you look like a steve....

anyway nicely done. love the hand. anyway i have to do my homework so bye

crow @ 10/12/2009 05:33 commented on Tiny Cat Running

oh sorry i was in a hurry so i forgot to complenemt how awsome it is and say please. :)

seriously it is awsome.

crow @ 10/11/2009 18:14 commented on Mermaid

its creepy without pupils in the eyes. *shivver*

crow @ 10/11/2009 18:07 commented on let's play

holy crap thats amazing. love the ball.

crow @ 10/11/2009 18:05 commented on Trying Something New. . .

what are tall pixels?

crow @ 10/11/2009 18:02 commented on Tiny Cat Running

make it faster

crow @ 10/11/2009 11:17 commented on Tiny Cat


good piont i guess

crow @ 10/10/2009 15:39 commented on Tiny Cat

add some aa and it would be 5 stars

crow @ 10/9/2009 17:53 commented on Pixel Monster

i liek gamma bros better

crow @ 10/4/2009 18:37 commented on Dwarf Fortress

you know this was done in ms paint

so its possible to do amazing things with it

crow @ 10/3/2009 20:28 commented on flying crow

thanks guys. unti aprecieate the comments

crow @ 10/3/2009 18:05 commented on Where's the head?

dood thats amazing. the only thing i would hav done is give the sun a little more yellow and reflect it off the statue. that would hav looked sick. its still awsome

crow @ 10/3/2009 18:03 commented on Sphaira

funny and cool