KoA @ 1/3/2010 01:46 commented on Oh Lord.

 As an avid pokemon fan, I can appreciate this piece for what it is. Body proportions look about as skewed as any other R/ B sprite, and I like the perspective too. ( A lot of sprites relied heavily on that, like Dragonite for example)

I think mr Arceus here will fit in just fine with his brethren

KoA @ 1/2/2010 09:52 commented on reika

 Never actually read the manga, but the anime is one of my favs.

KoA @ 1/2/2010 01:11 commented on SMAKP

 i shall add you the next time i log on. for now, i shall retire for the evening.

KoA @ 1/2/2010 00:57 commented on SMAKP

 I dont even know what gchat is, but i do use msn from time to time. 

KoA @ 1/1/2010 23:43 commented on SMAKP

 lol if my biography was any indication. ;)

Ha you were in the Tigray Quarry, you didn't even make it to your first boss fight yet! The boss fights in Felghana are really epic, if not frustrating at times.


and yeah I love the Ys franchise, it's one of my favorites next to Megaman and Castlevania

KoA @ 1/1/2010 23:22 commented on SMAKP

 Also, I heavily recommend Ys: The Oath in Felghana. It uses the same engine as Ys 6 and Origins. Definitely my favorite title so far.

KoA @ 1/1/2010 23:08 commented on SMAKP

 Ys I & II Complete was originally released as a PC upgrade to I & II Eternal. After the PC version, it was ported (and butchered) on the DS.

They recently ported Complete to the PSP as well, with an all new soundtrack. Worth playing!

KoA @ 1/1/2010 22:54 commented on Prince: Standing

 Hmm reminds me alot of mortal kombat for some reason. :)

KoA @ 1/1/2010 22:51 commented on SMAKP

 Ah, never played Ragnarok. And if you liked Ys Eternal, Complete is a much more improved version with more vibrant and updated graphics and music. 

KoA @ 1/1/2010 22:49 commented on A Tower of Skeletons!

 I would want to be buried here.

KoA @ 1/1/2010 22:44 commented on Dead Mazai & rabbits

 I need to get new pants everytime I look at one of your works, I keep pooping myself.

KoA @ 1/1/2010 22:41 commented on SMAKP

A very nice simplistic style. The characters remind me alot of the sprites used in Ys Complete, especially the faces. :)

KoA @ 1/1/2010 22:34 commented on Sketchy face

 I lke Dragon Quest

KoA @ 12/31/2009 14:17 commented on See what eye see

 I pooped myself.

KoA @ 12/29/2009 16:51 commented on Stuff (and junk)

 1 looks like Vin Deisel lol

KoA @ 12/28/2009 18:28 commented on Caterpillar

 I love how each segment has its own unique flair. :)

KoA @ 12/28/2009 18:18 commented on Big Bird

Dewgong or Manatee maybe, but not a porpoise lol.

KoA @ 12/25/2009 09:46 commented on Big Bird

 Antifarea you want awkward? Try watching porn with your dad. Granted we were only watching it because it was funny, but it's extremely damn awkward after all is said and done.

KoA @ 12/25/2009 09:39 commented on Supermassive Yellow Tetromino

 lol i was so confused at what was going on until I zoomed in and reread your info.


Great work though!

KoA @ 12/25/2009 09:34 commented on Happiness

 I love the whimsical nature of this piece. It's nice seeing a piece like this that shows you don't need to be serious all the time and can make a great piece of art even if it looks simpler by comparison. :)

KoA @ 12/25/2009 08:37 commented on Pixelmon Special Pikachu Edition

 I don't like any particular background either, but If I'm choosing my poison I would say the first looks best.

The pikachu itself looks good, though i'm not a huge fan of the solid outline color.

KoA @ 12/25/2009 08:15 commented on Extra! Extra!

Hahaha, I enjoy the "It's fucked :("  part.


KoA @ 12/25/2009 08:14 commented on Mother Enemies

 I love these!

KoA @ 12/25/2009 08:10 commented on Lickitung :P

 Yea I noticed you attempted the outline style, but there's a lot of jaggy outlines that could be smoothed out too, particularly around the tail and it's left leg. 

I don't find anything wrong with occupying the whole space. I like to make full use of the canvas as well, it's nice to work out all them details. Well since the sprite fits in the size limits of the D/P/Pt/HG/SS sprite styles, I would just convert it over and see how it turns out.

I would just not worry about dithering for your initial shading and come back to it after you think you have the shades worked out. I look forward to seeing your future endeavors.

KoA @ 12/25/2009 00:39 commented on Lickitung :P

 Well I don't oppose dithering to pokemon, as it is a bit of a staple to what's used in the games. However the dithering used on ingame sprites is strategically used, and often times not even noticeable. (This is referring to the current generation of the franchise's sprites anyway, the older games were obviously heavily noticeable) In this sprite here, you went overboard and it takes away from the piece alot. Only use it to emphasize a textured area or to smoothen out an awkward shading patch.

Seeing how this is 80x80, I'm assuming you were going for the aforementioned sprite style, so I'll share some advice I use, since that is the style I predominantly work in.


1) Use existing sprites for reference. Kinda self explanatory when working in an already established style, but laying down example sprites next to your piece and studying the methods used will tremendously help you out and improve your overall piece. This is also good as you can compare how your piece looks in the end with the existing sprites. If it looks like it might fit in, then you can consider it a success.

2) Watch them outlines! Pokemon sprites have an unusual outline style and this might be the toughest thing to learn. Typically the sprites will use solid black in conjunction with darker shades of the body color, they also use a bit of sel-out. It's hard to give advice on it specifically, but again, if you follow what existing sprites do, you will eventually pick up on it. Working on pokemon sprites for awhile will get you very good at AAing and sel-out.

3) Be mindful of body patterns. Pokemon are crazy creatures, and a bunch have some crazy patterns and decorative markings on them. Lickitung for example have those stripes on their tummy and spots on their knees. Outlining the patterns like did here makes them look like scales and unnecessarily emphasizes them. Generally patterns are drawn out with solid color and shaded only when there are shadows cast on them. 


There's more I could give, but it's late and i'm a sleepy old man. If you adhere to those basic tips you should see your pokemon sprites increase significantly. If you need anymore help though I would be glad to offer any other tips and criticisms.