Waimor @ 11/16/2021 00:05 commented on Midnight Stroll

Many thanks! Yours was a great one too.

Waimor @ 11/8/2021 15:01 commented on Midnight Stroll

@8Nephilia8 Thanks a ton, it was driving me nuts and I'm relieved I actually managed to do it effectively.

@b236 Really appreciate the compliment. French animation is what got me into animation so I'm glad the entry gave you that impression.

Waimor @ 11/8/2021 14:46 commented on Madotsuki

Really fond of this one. Feels very dream-like to me, which is quite fitting considering where the character's from.

Waimor @ 10/3/2021 12:23 commented on Splitting Headache

Great one. I'm a big fan of the ribcage teeth and tongue hair, not to mention the eyes looking amazing.

Waimor @ 10/3/2021 02:55 commented on Moon

I really like this one. Reminds me of "Local 58".

Waimor @ 9/29/2021 01:21 commented on Lil' Game & Watch Dude

Sounds fun. I'm in!

Waimor @ 9/6/2021 00:57 commented on Smoke Releasing Automobile

@Trigonomicon Thanks, I'm glad to hear that I was able to do that.

@vrine Never heard of "Brum" but after a quick search I can certainly see the similarities 

@everyone Thanks a ton for the kind words!

Waimor @ 9/3/2021 16:20 commented on Smoke Releasing Automobile

Indeed it does. Thanks a ton!