Bozak @ 3/20/2010 23:03 commented on Spirit of maternity, fertility, nature.

Thanks for the comment, Haash!

I haven't finished breasts because i see this pic this way, but fingers are the hardest part for me, so i skipped them ))

Bozak @ 3/4/2010 23:23 commented on Waxing Crescent

Gieve moar pixels!11 :)

Bozak @ 3/4/2010 23:22 commented on Sorcerer

Yes actually ;)

I play WoW for 5 years now, getting some inspiration from it.

Started my warlock character not long ago.

Bozak @ 3/4/2010 05:21 commented on Swedish Buss Sign

And when you will be uploading a new pic over the old one - dont forget to change its filename, or else the pic wont update.

Bozak @ 3/3/2010 13:02 commented on Sorcerer

My bad - resubmitted it.

Bozak @ 3/3/2010 13:01 commented on Sorcerer

Sorry for submitting it to weekly challenge first time.

Bozak @ 3/3/2010 08:07 commented on Sorcerer

Thanks for the comment!

Check it out with deepened shadows.

Bozak @ 2/26/2010 05:36 commented on Zombie self-portrait

Added some AA to it, but for some reason the site updated only the small picture.

*Edit: NVM figured this out with updating.

Bozak @ 2/23/2010 13:08 commented on Warlock with Voidwalker

Robin and Manupix thanks for your comments, i'll look at it and correct it asap.

I'm so glad you like it.

Bozak @ 12/24/2009 05:44 commented on Teardroplet

looks nice to me :)

Bozak @ 12/24/2009 05:35 commented on Zombie self-portrait

Thanks for your comment onek. But could you please give me a hint on where the lines need cleaning?

I could not do anything with the previous one, but always returned to your edition. :)

Bozak @ 12/24/2009 02:11 commented on Zombie Self-Port

Guys, sorry for messing it up. I have re-drawn this piece, close this thread if its possible please.

Bozak @ 12/23/2009 23:35 commented on bps lava lamp

Very stylish look, nice piece.

Bozak @ 12/23/2009 23:31 commented on Zombie Self-Port

Re-styled it. After checking out onek's version.

Now its a zombie self-portrait.

Bozak @ 12/23/2009 13:08 commented on Zombie Self-Port

Your one is great, man!

Will try to redo it. Check back with it tomorrow plz guys.

Bozak @ 12/23/2009 09:44 commented on Zombie Self-Port

Heh, ok :) Thanks for the feedback!

Will correct shading soon.

There are no pupils, cuz i wanted to give it a zombie look ))


Bozak @ 12/23/2009 09:07 commented on "Lets explore that cave !"

Dont go in there, fools! :))

Bozak @ 11/30/2009 03:10 commented on zombie base

Nice, but as i always thought, zombies dont wink :)

Bozak @ 10/23/2009 05:14 commented on Wow demake - Blood Elf male

Very cool sprite, thanks.

I'm wow player too.

Bozak @ 10/19/2009 07:32 commented on Bounty Hunter

Bozak @ 10/7/2009 05:22 commented on Where's the head?

Very atmospheric!

Bozak @ 9/25/2009 06:22 commented on Bounty Hunter

Thanks for comment man. Yeah, i'll work on my shading skills with my next pic.

Bozak @ 9/24/2009 23:32 commented on psychostamp

Dope looking stamp.

Will add to fav.

Bozak @ 9/23/2009 01:54 commented on rampage battle bear

It seems that its body is abit streched. Maybe if u could make it abit shorter it would look more realistic.

Bozak @ 9/23/2009 01:00 commented on girl

Love the idea, but the bg could be a bit less eye-melting :)