SilverSpirit @ 10/19/2009 06:11 commented on Fakemon - Wa-muchi & Kaijuukusa

Yeah , but there's a difference in worms that turn into flying bugs , to earth worms , or leaches , etc.

SilverSpirit @ 10/13/2009 15:18 commented on Fakemon - Wa-muchi & Kaijuukusa

I like it ...although as always I think it's kind of small . cool idea . other than ditto and digglit , I can't think of any "worm" Pokemon

SilverSpirit @ 9/21/2009 10:16 commented on MissCommunication

Thank you and I do like Warioware's  style

SilverSpirit @ 9/21/2009 10:14 commented on Crimson Armor Lord

I really like the color and design ,  although it's not perfect .

the  head feels small to me , maybe it'd look more balanced with everything else if the sholder armour pads were a bit less swollen up , and like someone else said - the shield kind of lacks something ,

SilverSpirit @ 9/21/2009 10:06 commented on Jellycat

Haha! so cool!

SilverSpirit @ 9/21/2009 06:59 commented on Car

Can we add words? and cgange existing ones?


is this ok?

The frozen cat laughed all the way to hell

SilverSpirit @ 9/21/2009 06:45 commented on SheProgrammer

Great work , I like stuff that have a good idea , style , soul  ,  other than beauty , or professionalism , so you got my vote

SilverSpirit @ 9/21/2009 06:37 commented on MissCommunication

Thanks and I know some people find it weird, but - I always draw transparent hair , same story with the black outlines ,  it's part of my style and you'll keep seeing it in my next works anyway , I'll go vote!

SilverSpirit @ 9/20/2009 07:26 commented on Mr. Styx

Yeah - really nice style , and pose!

SilverSpirit @ 9/19/2009 14:41 commented on MissCommunication

The spark wasn't supposed to be the only light source  it's just the most  dominant one   but your right about  the outline around it and  the blue light - I'll work on it tomorow .

and ...oops , I was so focused on the double S I forgot the double M 


*edit* I improved it a bit , but about the blue light - nah , it looks horrible

SilverSpirit @ 9/19/2009 10:06 commented on MissCommunication


SilverSpirit @ 9/19/2009 04:48 commented on weekly challenge - orna

I think you could have done it a bit better - but it's still good and an awesome idea overall .

SilverSpirit @ 9/19/2009 04:39 commented on MissCommunication

Yeah , I'll start using it from now on .

good luck to us in the weekly challenge 

SilverSpirit @ 9/15/2009 09:46 commented on Sammy Girl

I mean offence , but you don't look good as a woman OO"

SilverSpirit @ 9/15/2009 06:25 commented on ME avatar

Now working on the weekly challenge - I'm stuck with the coloring XD and yeah I'm his oldest brother

SilverSpirit @ 9/15/2009 01:27 commented on Sammy Girl

I was afraid things like THIS will happen in this weeks challenge OO"

SilverSpirit @ 9/15/2009 01:01 commented on ME avatar

Yeah I'm  his Brother .


anyway thanks , and about the colors , I'm kind of new into coloring  , since I usually  draw in black & white ... .and although I know what you mean (kind of)  in this case - I  have an excuse  .


if you look at his eyes - he has no light in them . and the reason is , that I wanted to give him a pale look  . and since  I couldn't  balance the lighting and shading (without messing up the idea of him not having a light source) I used "pillow-shading" just to make the colors less plain , by giving them more deph   .

SilverSpirit @ 9/14/2009 12:52 commented on My Paladin

Wicked style

SilverSpirit @ 9/14/2009 12:50 commented on lingerie


SilverSpirit @ 9/14/2009 12:46 commented on ME avatar

Thanks , nice to meet other people from Israel around here

SilverSpirit @ 9/14/2009 12:45 commented on Atran

I really like this one , it reminds me alot of the new prince of persia