QueenKami @ 1/18/2022 16:48 commented on Oranges

Nice use of a limited palette and wide pixels! Despite being so small they have a good level of detail, good job!

QueenKami @ 1/18/2022 16:47 commented on --

I really like everything going on here, the colors, the chunkiness of the snow falling, it's all very good. Your preview image made me think I had something on my screen though, there's a single black pixel on it 

QueenKami @ 1/18/2022 16:45 commented on Ice Cream Shop

Aww, they're both super cute! I like your lining style on the ice cream cone as well, great job!

QueenKami @ 1/18/2022 16:43 commented on Pixel Dailies - beast

Wonderful job on this, I love the subtle outline on the ground and to their sides.

QueenKami @ 1/18/2022 16:42 commented on Weekly Challenge:eggplant killer whale

Oooh, this is really cute, great job on it!

QueenKami @ 1/18/2022 15:41 commented on Dilophosaurus Head

Haha, I bet! Don't want to lose that drawin' arm ;) 

QueenKami @ 1/18/2022 02:25 commented on Tienda de Abarrotes

This is really cute, great job on it! It's funny you mention a song that makes you remember a time in which you never lived, because I've had that feeling many times with music and wondered if it really was just me or not.

QueenKami @ 1/18/2022 02:09 commented on Dilophosaurus Head

Looks very nice! Such a ferocious fella.

QueenKami @ 1/18/2022 02:08 commented on Ferret

This is a cute little fella! The colors are really nice too.

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 21:35 commented on Interceptors

They're damn amazing and think you should def be super proud of em-Looking back on your work I might have to agree with you there!

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 21:32 commented on Kangout

I really like this little dude, good job on it!

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 14:00 commented on The Butterfly Comic Strip

It's pretty good! However you should go through and re-line the boxes because you have a ton of extra colors under the single full-body panel of the spider. There's also random bits of color that don't really need to be there-tons of little spots on the webbing and wings of the butterfly. Try checking it out here, to see what I mean

Also, did you upscale this piece? Uploads here should be unscaled 1:1 pixels unless in a certain style like double wide/high! :D

Sorry for the paragraph, but I do really like your work here.

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 13:53 commented on Introspection

I really like the mood here, b/w pixel art just has a vibe to it that I love. Great job here.

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 13:52 commented on Rarest card of the schoolyard

This is super coooool

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 13:49 commented on Our Lady of Viticulture

I am in love with your colors ♥♥

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 13:47 commented on Sexy Cleric

I'm a sucker for these high rise one piece suits  Great job, I love your work!

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 13:42 commented on Interceptors

You are blowing my MIND with the clouds/smoke, super wild, great job!!

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 13:40 commented on Blackbook #22

I really love the choice of colors here, the dark blues in particular.

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 13:39 commented on Kirby

Very cute! I agree with what Vrine said, you could make the shadow a bit more higher contrast, especially near his arm to define it more! On top of that you have something we call "jaggies." Around the edges you should try to make them ease into the curve, rather than random sharp turns? The single pixels make it look sharp/jagged, hence the name, they make him look bumpy rather than soft.

You have a really good start here, keep it up and I look forward to what you do in the future!

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 13:37 commented on Flower Bed

They remind me of little Lego flowers, very cute!

QueenKami @ 1/17/2022 02:40 commented on avatar_Claun

Oh my lord this one is amazing, I can't wait to try it out lol

QueenKami @ 1/15/2022 19:50 commented on Evil-Kawaii little bottle

Haha, cute little dude you have there! (Not to nitpick but the term you're using has two i's, kawaii ;) )

QueenKami @ 1/15/2022 19:47 commented on Meza Theta

I really like the one that's falling down for some reason, good job on this!

QueenKami @ 1/14/2022 13:40 commented on Avatar

I use my tablet to sketch out some things because it feels easier to do that than try and freehand it with my mouse, but it's up to you. Some people do their entire pixel art/sprites with a tablet, some don't use it at all 
It's up to how YOU feel comfy working, tbh. As long as you're having fun with it you could do it with your feet or whatever LMAO

Haha, I'm glad! I was hoping I wasn't coming off too strong or anything 😅

QueenKami @ 1/14/2022 12:46 commented on Asleep at the Reins

Thank you! I had a lot of fun playing with ways to make it "work" just right.