oomleo @ 5/22/2010 21:47 commented on Politi - Iso vehicle

coooolll+congrats!!! miss you too, balamoot! keep iso, my friend!

oomleo @ 5/1/2008 09:59 commented on hotspot plaza
yeah! hahah "wrong-flags"! mmm.. so, thats not the flags.. but, iron sheeting.. hehe..
thanks again for all comments!
hope my next artwork could be better than this one..

oomleo @ 4/29/2008 19:19 commented on RPG tacticts
gokil.. ini juga super!

oomleo @ 4/29/2008 18:45 commented on final fantasy mockup
wah.. salam kenal, brur! viva indonesia!
pixelart elu dahsyat² berat!

(eh, kalo ada komen² yang nyebelin, biasanya mreka cuma iri ajah yah kayanya? hehehe..)

oomleo @ 4/29/2008 18:34 commented on my char in IMVU
nice bin krennn..!!
dahsyat mantab.. salam kenal!

oomleo @ 4/29/2008 18:30 commented on Deadmaker
SIKAT MANGG!!! sadarlah, bahwa elu sangat handal di pixelart!

(orang² disini suka ngasih komentar se'enak perut ajah.. ngrasa bahwa mreka yang paling jago ajah.. padahal, pas gua cek' karya mreka -yang pada suka ngasih komen pedes sok jago-.., buahahaha.. ternyata karya mreka juga nggak bagus² banget..!)

oomleo @ 4/29/2008 18:25 commented on Spider Tank
ini juga keren berat! dahsyat!

oomleo @ 4/29/2008 18:24 commented on Mockup 1
crazy gokil, brur!! mantap!

oomleo @ 4/29/2008 18:23 commented on Try to build Jonathan Davis (KORN)
sedappp..! ternyata banyak banget ketemu temen² pixel artist dari indonesia di sini..!!
dahsyat brur! sikat bleh!

oomleo @ 4/29/2008 18:22 commented on try to build kenshin
wah.. gokil..! hidup karya anak bangsa!

oomleo @ 4/29/2008 15:31 commented on hotspot plaza
oke.. i see..
thanks for all..!

..just enjoy the hottest stuffs..
theres RHCP, theres hand-dryer, hair-dryer, sauna, hot-coffe, tv hot-news, hotdog, barbeque, fire-eater, hot-rod, hot-pants, hot-line, and, aah.. hotspot for the internet..

cannot do it without iso..
pardon me if theres a lot of un-pixelart stuffs..
again, ..thank you all!!

oomleo @ 4/29/2008 15:07 commented on hotspot plaza
oohh.. i forgot about the rules.. 3075? it should be 256 colors, right?
so, 3075 is too much? not qualified for pixelart?
aah.. thats why i used *.png..
(for print-ad..)


oomleo @ 4/28/2008 13:32 commented on 13 ordinary people
hahaha!! no-more ".." for you! its balamoot!

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 13:30 commented on Madonna with child
hahahh.. this is not iso!
love it!
believes that you do have a lot of patience in pixelart, iso or not, its still great!

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 13:09 commented on Street music store
hahaha..! dont worry.. me will do something for it!

THE LEFT SPEAKER! its "1-1-1-1"! huh! you dont put so much trust with "2-1-2-1"!  ;-)
..and also for the brown cables! annoying!!
..and the speech baloon/bubble! too close with the speaker!
also for the letter "e" and "o" for "stereo"!! not much details!!
..and the door?! what happenned with the door?!?!?!
also, also for connecting structure! no-perspective! the steel (base-pole) is longer than the rooftop! 2 pxls longer!
where's the left-display-item? already sold, huh?
what is the material of the door? NO TRANSPARENCY! everybody cannot looking through inside the store?

(HAHAHA.. just kidding.. its just PERFECT, pals! ..waiting for the scene.. the "stores scene".. ;-) ..too.. pardon me for broken english.. haha!)

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 12:53 commented on Tennis 2x2 training
CRAZY PERFECT! its soooo eboy! you do love eboy so much, dont you? trust me.. if eboy seen this, they will do a new recruitment!

..the "LACOSTE" text.. thought that some pixel missing because you transform-it with "screw" option?

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 12:51 commented on I'm an egotistic set of pixels (no superfluous pixels)
its you? i want to se it more bigger..!!

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 12:50 commented on Must have your Porsche
NICE CAR!!!!!!!

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 12:44 commented on medved = reckless bear
hahha! halo?

(..something wrong with the right hand paw.. dont you think?)

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 12:37 commented on Touring bus

(the wheel -and base-.. dont you think that the wheelbase is not too "2-1-2-1.."? especially for the rear ones.. effects to  the part of bus..)

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 12:21 commented on FBI is everywhere!
crazy.. balamoot? when did you start to created an iso style? you do have a great taste of isometric!!!
nice chaaracter & shape!

(hehehe.. i knew it! the black "wheel".. i knew it! me too! i do (also) copy'ing "their" styles!!! hihihi..)

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 12:08 commented on hotspot plaza
thank's a lot, pals!
- hehe.. waldo is not included.. (hope my client will asks for waldo.. but, they dont..)

..needs more time to do some more details.. but this time, me do focus directly for composing & fill the empty area.. so here it is! sorry for the lacks-of-detail.. my argue: never try to catch the details! just enjoy your eyes for their activities and the "hot" things..

(have you ever tried to compose all of your pixel characters and stuffs to a scene? ..isometric will! me! hehe)

for "GIL": have you ever creating an isometric style before? bored, isnt it? ..but not for me.. ISOMETRIC IS GOOD!!! hehehe..

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 11:29 commented on 13 ordinary people
NICE again!! heheh.. like it so much!

oomleo @ 4/28/2008 11:12 commented on Red alert: Ivan is almost here!!!
congrats balamoot! nice iso!!! i do love eboy so much!  totally  inspiring me to do the same isometric style as you do!
nice works!!! keep isometric-ing every single parts and stuffs, pals!

..(you dont like to change the black lines inside the tank with deep green colors/other deepest color? i thought it will make it more smooth.. hope you dont mind.. ;-))


oomleo @ 4/24/2008 16:09 commented on Medieval castle
perfect!! viva daporta!