Jabbawockee @ 9/28/2009 19:02 commented on Revolver

Thanks Sab and Firefly

Jabbawockee @ 9/23/2009 21:39 commented on Blob

i needed a BG, because of the White BG rule kthx

Jabbawockee @ 9/19/2009 21:58 commented on Bald

Kraytos from God of War? :P Just Kidding Mega

Jabbawockee @ 9/19/2009 08:02 commented on Poo on a Plate

But Pixel Devil did you read that he tried using only 3 colors (Hi/Mid/Lows)?

But yeah this looks very nice, kinda ackword but nice

Jabbawockee @ 9/19/2009 07:32 commented on alice

This is very nice i like the Hearts Spades Clubs and Daimonds you put into it, The colors you used are fantastic


Very Nice Piece of work!