Ruikaj @ 9/18/2022 02:41 commented on Area: N8

Thank you for your kind comments.

Yes, I think that the exquisite hues of the palette were the key to expressing the staining by the dither.

Ruikaj @ 9/16/2022 10:14 commented on ascii logo

The treatment of attributes is perfect and instructive.

Ruikaj @ 9/15/2022 05:06 commented on Poor Nemo


Ruikaj @ 9/4/2022 06:47 commented on MSX forest


Ruikaj @ 9/4/2022 03:34 commented on Mountains over canyons

Wow I like the impressionist-like style and variety of expression.

Ruikaj @ 8/23/2022 07:41 commented on dario argento

Very interesting and good article!

Ruikaj @ 8/16/2022 05:06 commented on Assembly 64 splash screen

I was overwhelmed by the power. The clearly drawn texture of the hair is spectacular.
Great work!

Ruikaj @ 8/15/2022 08:52 commented on Fairy mood

This stunning masterpiece will remain in my memory. The wide range of hues is so beautiful. Thank you for your wonderful work.

Ruikaj @ 8/9/2022 01:32 commented on City State

I was amazed at the dim light expression by specifying the attribute.Great work!

Ruikaj @ 8/6/2022 00:37 commented on Spirit of Nature

Wonderful post!

Ruikaj @ 7/28/2022 09:56 commented on Street Theatre

Great use of attributes...!

Ruikaj @ 7/26/2022 19:45 commented on Portrait

Great palette!

Ruikaj @ 7/21/2022 21:48 commented on Up popped the Devil

The dynamic composition using the entire screen is something I can't copy!

I especially like the hands, which are well represented by the shadows in the small dots.
Great post!

Ruikaj @ 7/19/2022 21:16 commented on Symbiozis

Great use of color! And I am amazed at how you have created great looking pixel art without needing much AA.

Ruikaj @ 7/18/2022 09:40 commented on Ro

I couldn't help but comment when I saw the 「ろ」 in Maru Gothic.

Ruikaj @ 7/18/2022 09:34 commented on [D]iscworld

I thought the use of yellow was well done.

I am impressed with the way it blends with the red in "D" and the highlights on the turtle. :)
(Sorry it is translation)

Ruikaj @ 7/18/2022 09:19 commented on Dragon type R

I forgot to mention in the details section why I chose R. In Japanese, dragon is called "ryu".

In Kanji, it is written 「龍」 or 「竜」, the former having more legendary connotations. ⸜('‿' )

Ruikaj @ 7/18/2022 09:16 commented on Dragon type R

Thank you for your comments!

Ruikaj @ 7/14/2022 21:02 commented on Crystaleyezed

It is so beautiful I can't belive my eyes.

Ruikaj @ 7/14/2022 20:42 commented on Genetic Logo

Beautiful 3D effect!

Ruikaj @ 5/15/2022 03:17 commented on Platformer Mockups

I admired the quality of the work, which took advantage of the limited number of colors.

Ruikaj @ 4/26/2022 09:33 commented on Rusty Industrial Area.nes

It's Famicom, not Nes, but I've posted a video of it running on an actual device.^^

Ruikaj @ 4/26/2022 09:26 commented on Rusty Industrial Area.nes

You can see how it starts up on an actual Famicom (NES) machine here.

Ruikaj @ 4/24/2022 07:19 commented on Rusty Industrial Area.nes


Yes, this is a screenshot of a virtual hardware called Mesen emulator. Therefore, it works fine on the actual NES console.

The dots themselves were drawn using Aseprite, while working out the constraints.

Ruikaj @ 4/23/2022 10:09 commented on Grifox

I like the delicate expression.(^^)