Szyslak @ 2/3/2022 07:41 commented on Atomizer + Water ammo

Yep, I was thinking about putting a backpack, you know ghostbusters-like but it would look a bit weird on a bottle   

Szyslak @ 1/25/2022 08:49 commented on Evil bottle idle

Yep sorry, scaled by error (fixed).

The up-down movement of the face is done on purpose to try giving some movement coz there's no hair or clothes.

And I tried to imitate liquid movement with shadows but bleh...not very happy with the result.

Thanks for your feedback.

Szyslak @ 1/16/2022 02:58 commented on Evil-Kawaii little bottle

Haha true, edited. 

Szyslak @ 1/14/2022 02:30 commented on Avatar

I really appreciate your comments.

I'm using Pyxel edit and I feel fine with this SW. I downloaded a high saturated palette from Lospec because I love Dead Cells art, I hope some day I would be able to do something similar 

And talking about HW I have a digital tablet but I feel better using keyboard/mouse, I don't know If it's worth forcing the digital tablet use for better performance in the future.

This is the best welcome I've ever had on a site or forum 

Szyslak @ 1/14/2022 01:51 commented on Avatar
Thanks for the advice. At the moment I'm just trying to do things that are "close" to reality in terms of silhouette. Now I'm looking for info regarding palettes, light treatment, and so on. 
I'm a programmer so I need to open my mind to this world of creativity! 

Szyslak @ 1/14/2022 01:43 commented on Avatar