Paperfoe @ 2/9/2023 00:09 commented on The chase

Thank you! I thought no one would notice haha, but it was my favourite idea

Paperfoe @ 1/16/2023 05:57 commented on Your gummy buddy

This is crazy

Paperfoe @ 1/15/2023 01:06 commented on Unfamiliar path

Yeah i know. I dont think creating the path itself was a great idea lol since it is seen in both the foreground and the background and all the parts have to be animated differently. But i liked the idea so much that i couldnt grt rid of it

Paperfoe @ 12/25/2022 15:14 commented on Secret Santa

This is awesome, thank you so much. Funny how we got paired together lol

I have also never played Zelda so I didnt really understand the scale of this thing, but when i saw it i almost got shivers haha. Really love stuff like that so you were dead on!

Paperfoe @ 12/25/2022 14:58 commented on Secret santa gift

Thank you, Im glad you do

Paperfoe @ 11/24/2022 07:49 commented on Simon of Prozzšk 2

I'm in!

Things I like:

– Music

– Analog synthesizers and tech stuff (like old TVs and mp3, maybe something retrofuturistic)

– Birds and fish (whales are technically not fish but god they're awesome)

– Cosmic stuff (Planets, galaxies, space tech)

– Giant things (plantes and whales once again, Giza Pyramids or maybe some fantasy monuments and leviathans)

– Ocean and sea

It's a bit of a mess but go crazy haha 

Paperfoe @ 11/11/2022 15:47 commented on Hodeet

Thank you all guys! I love adding dynamic to the animation with this kínd of stuff like the hat bouncing (there is also a chain bouncing, dunno if it can be seen but i tried my best lol) 

Paperfoe @ 5/24/2022 11:38 commented on Elephant for Pixel Dailies

This is awesome mate, love the style