JoCh @ 9/13/2014 04:40 commented on 100 St Paul Street


Just one thing !

It will be better with a deloreane and a hoverboard. It's look like, but it's not really that !

JoCh @ 2/23/2012 12:07 commented on melancholy


JoCh @ 12/13/2010 02:59 commented on Anbukakashi

I think there is some inversions on the palettes, or i'm colorbind !

JoCh @ 10/22/2010 00:56 commented on kinonia

Clearly, looks like gaga !

It could be very interesting to see it with a meat dress.

JoCh @ 3/25/2010 02:34 commented on it is a puppy

very cute !

JoCh @ 2/16/2010 01:30 commented on Mechanix Girl

Goodbye, Jessica.

My friendly thought go to you and your family in these dificults times.

JoCh @ 2/3/2010 01:33 commented on Dieulefit Palettes

C'est superbe ! J'adore toutes tes réalisations.

JoCh @ 12/14/2009 00:17 commented on How to win a pacemaker

i smoke lucky strike too !

JoCh @ 12/9/2009 01:04 commented on I'm the Winn-urk.

excellent, good idea ! But i thing that the tv screen is a little bit strange it's a mix between a old screen of the 60's and a flat tv of now days, and there is not boutons, why ?

JoCh @ 12/9/2009 01:00 commented on scarabaj

so cute !

JoCh @ 12/7/2009 02:29 commented on Dubai Beach Tycoon

Sure, the link with the theme of robots is thin. But I wanted to express that for me the different actors in the financial world, acted like robots in recent months, without reflect-ing the consequences of their actions and have plunged the world and the crisis.

JoCh @ 12/4/2009 00:29 commented on Belated Turkey!

Very sympatic turkey ! Just one thing, "Bon Appetité !" is false ! the right spelling is "Bon appétit !" . True me, i'm french

JoCh @ 11/28/2009 00:44 commented on xavi

fantastic job ! the face of xavi and the barca's shirt are very beautifull, just one critics : the background is less beautifull. It  will be great to see also other incredibles players of barcelona like leo messi and  iniesta !

JoCh @ 10/27/2009 00:13 commented on F1 Build-Up: From Floor to Livery

Great job, you are a fan of Senna F1 times like me it's cool !

JoCh @ 10/22/2009 10:09 commented on Wrath Be My Name

wonderfull ! great use of the palette, very expressive, perfect job !