Robinson @ 6/18/2011 14:54 commented on Neulich aufm Nachauseweg



Robinson @ 5/20/2011 07:18 commented on Glowdude in the horrifying Zombieworld

Yeah... I had not enough time to finish it, and was too tired anyway... Consider this as a WIP, as i'll post it for help on pixelation if I have some spare time. The last day of the contest, only the hands were totally finished, and i drew the rest of it in no time...

Robinson @ 5/16/2011 22:37 commented on Basic 90's RPG hero

Sweet ! and yep, the higher contrast version is more readable.

Robinson @ 5/15/2011 23:32 commented on Elk's Deathwing

Wow. Hum, as the page appeared, my eyes burst. This is so Well Done!

My bro' came while I was watching it, said it was cool, but not original enough... I slapped him.

Robinson @ 5/15/2011 23:11 commented on Glowdude in the horrifying Zombieworld

Thank you very much. Since it had to be gloomy, I chose darker colors, but i'll try to swap the red colors and see if it works.

Robinson @ 5/27/2010 10:11 commented on Minish Cap Style Buildings

 I like the turtle thing, I like the statues, wait... I like everithing there!

Robinson @ 5/13/2010 22:49 commented on Cross This

Lol I found the joke (did I ?) On the other side of the road, there is some little circles which could be some extra-terrestrial signs! No? No? Anyway I like the idea and especially the shading.

Robinson @ 4/25/2010 02:11 commented on Honey, I got the PoKéRus

what a nice touch they got! pretty cool and respecting the GBA ones for 4 colors each!

Robinson @ 4/25/2010 02:05 commented on No head or invisible?

 You've got it! it's brilliant!  

Robinson @ 4/24/2010 08:24 commented on avatarZ2

So you joined the Drrragon horde, roahr? XD

Cool dragon head! (I did mine in some 10 minutes )

Robinson @ 4/24/2010 08:21 commented on Weapons

 Finished my dragonish update!  

Made it in like 10 minutes because I wanted to participate! ( missed the chrosmetic thing)

Robinson @ 4/23/2010 12:57 commented on Weapons
i'm joining the dragon horde!!!

Robinson @ 4/15/2010 00:28 commented on Butterfly

 Epic. 4 colors. Beautiful. Epic.

Robinson @ 4/10/2010 08:13 commented on Happy Fun Kawaii Mermaid Princess Wizard Adventures Under The Sea II Turbo: Hyper Swimming Edition++
I like it! Especially the tileset, the hud and the electric tentacles! I think you got my vote!

Robinson @ 3/29/2010 12:59 commented on Pizza no jutsu!

 Wow! perfect! I like the way you put the bubble in perspective!

Robinson @ 3/29/2010 09:14 commented on Fire-storm Bob

 I like the shadow in his eyes! And the fire is well pixeled!

Robinson @ 3/28/2010 09:51 commented on Crazy Pete
good idea but your "london deja vu" was a lot better, i mean watching the technics... rushed or what :b ?

Robinson @ 3/17/2010 09:43 commented on i[so]Pod

 amazing video + amazing music = Awesome stuff!!!

Robinson @ 3/14/2010 23:18 commented on sunrise
Rushed? Don't worry about it, it's perfect!!!

Robinson @ 3/12/2010 12:29 commented on Shaman Rat
Cool! But the "rided rat" doesn't look like Slinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? He is owned!

Robinson @ 3/12/2010 08:50 commented on towers of the colossus
What a palette!!! so beautiful!

Robinson @ 3/11/2010 04:22 commented on The Green Dragon & Genbu
Genbu is my favorite! So COOL!

Robinson @ 3/8/2010 11:32 commented on BOFIBO
Thank you!!! this is my second entry for this challenge, and I like it much more than the other one.

Robinson @ 3/8/2010 05:02 commented on BOFIBO
Thanks! Visited your gallery, and I can say I love the Whole!!!

Robinson @ 3/6/2010 05:22 commented on McCream

Just wanted to do something simple this time, but i think i'm gonna make a second one, hope you'll like it :)