IsoWayne @ 1/23/2010 06:35 commented on Buy Sometin', Will Ya?

Amazing for 4 colors beautiful job. 5 stars and fave :) 

IsoWayne @ 1/22/2010 13:35 commented on city tile

It looks odd because the colors aren't consistent in shade. Like the foreground is a darker blue-green and the one behind that is a gray-blue then the center building the tall one in the middleground looks totally black. (I know its not though ) and then in the background its a very light gray-blue then you have the baby blue sky.

I would change it to make the foreground color swithch with the middle ground and keep the baby blue background or make its lightest (foreground) midtone (middleground) and darkest (background) and darken the background.

The design is pretty good although when you tile it its just too repetitive even though it bleeds together. Maybe expand it to 2 or 3 times its current width to make it less repetitive.

AA would of been handy here also because you have some very jagged edges on those buildings.

Otherwise it looks decent good job.


IsoWayne @ 1/18/2010 05:58 commented on Totoro Land

Two complaints. 1. The leafs in the the little white things hand look awful for some reason very flat.

2. The people in the piece look very out of perspective like I assume the little white boy and the little black boy are relatively on the same plane but the white boys head is much larger than the black boys. and then the man leaning on the wall of the entrance is about the same height of  the mother and the black man. Shouldn't he appear smaller?

Other than those 2 gripes it is a very good piece I love the characters and while I haven't seen Totoro I do love spirited away and this defenately looks like something Miyazaki would create.


IsoWayne @ 1/8/2010 12:59 commented on Painting #1

It is a very unique and intriguing style. In my opinion it looks like you've actually attempted to make it look like a canvas painting. I see that stlye coming across and I think the use of AA would make it lose some of its canvas painting feel. I think you did a wonderful job. 

IsoWayne @ 1/3/2010 19:57 commented on Avatar - Teacup

Very cute. The animation is hardly noticible but I like it. 

IsoWayne @ 1/3/2010 19:51 commented on april fools III - wait a moment

It's a nice attempt theres a few things I see wrong though.


I can't quite read what is on his neck and why it's dripping. His hair looks plopped on. And his right (Our left) shoe is pretty flat.

The skin is allright although it looks highlighted randomly especially in the face.

Nice attempt though Fool is a god and it is quite difficult to mimic his style. I can see his style in the lineart and the face though. 

IsoWayne @ 1/3/2010 01:40 commented on Panda face

I think it would look much better if you dithered properly. Right now its purely a noise dither and is very harsh on the eyes. 

IsoWayne @ 12/31/2009 18:17 commented on Hippie Bob

His hoodie pocket seems really small and his hands seem kind of weird to me. Otherwise it's really cute, nice work. 

IsoWayne @ 12/29/2009 23:46 commented on Cat Statues

They are all very outstanding the only thing I cans ee is that the left cat's mouth seems a little flat. Amazing work otherwise though. 

IsoWayne @ 12/29/2009 05:00 commented on Onifarious Take 2

The purple on the lips seems a little odd but ither than that nice job.


The previe is quite trippy as well because it looks like a front view but when you full view it its almost an isometric view. 

IsoWayne @ 12/28/2009 20:57 commented on When Ducks Say, "Arr?"

It is very flat. You could do a lot more with 11 colors than what you have done here. 

IsoWayne @ 12/28/2009 20:55 commented on AncestralMonkey

The blue is a very odd choice for the shaodw color. Maybe add a smidge of yello to it to make it a greener color. 

IsoWayne @ 12/27/2009 21:08 commented on Wind Blowing Through Her Hair...

5/5 amazing piece but the black hole in her hair bugs me. 

IsoWayne @ 12/26/2009 23:11 commented on Rockah

Her arms are way too thin in the center and her legs look like they're on backwards. other than that the face and the clothing are nice, 

IsoWayne @ 12/21/2009 01:41 commented on Iron Man helmet

The dithering on the eyes looks terrible and the lighter shades of red don't dither too well together.

Everything else is good especially the cheeks. 

IsoWayne @ 12/11/2009 11:14 commented on Two Heads are No Better than One

Wow really well done, I'm not exacttly sure what it's supposed to be but it's beautiful for 8 colors and those 8 colors are used beautifuly. 

IsoWayne @ 11/26/2009 22:25 commented on Danger mitting

The guy about to get consumed by one, thats who. Anyways a pretty decent piece just a crazy amount of dithering 

IsoWayne @ 11/26/2009 22:04 commented on A stroll through Blackwater park.

It's quite an outstanding piece for only 8 colors, definately has my vote. 

IsoWayne @ 11/26/2009 21:27 commented on The many faces of music

I think the background takes away from the art maybe take the checker batter away and make it the solid light vlue color for good contrast against the characters. 

IsoWayne @ 11/19/2009 09:29 commented on Old Style Thing

I'd like to try pixeling the Urban Rivals Characters on these for practice, do you happen to haqve a female outline like the male one in your preview

IsoWayne @ 11/18/2009 19:04 commented on Self Portrait

Poor Yair used too much Nair and now has no eyebrow Hair. 

IsoWayne @ 11/18/2009 19:02 commented on Electric Pickle - Plasma Gun Animation

The use of 30 colors gives it a gradient feel and makes it look very ugly in my opinion. try toning it down to about  I'd say a max of 15 colors, that should be overly sufficient for that piece. 

IsoWayne @ 11/10/2009 21:22 commented on Lava Lamp Monstrosity

Well B.O.B I don't know what to tell you, it looks perfectly fine in my internet browser, no unnescessary colors at all it reads as a GIF and it was directly cropped from the main picture. I don't think I'll reupload it again, it was pretty crappy compared to the rest of the WIP submissions I've seen and I did it for fun, I can't really drawl a good background either so meh. Thanks for everyones comments, I hope I don't have any more issues like this with my future uploads. 

IsoWayne @ 11/10/2009 19:45 commented on aDDD

Marry me jalonso :) 5/5 

IsoWayne @ 11/10/2009 18:32 commented on Hexquisite Two (Severe Nudity)

Both are very well done I like them both very much.