Adcrusher @ 10/14/2017 21:09 commented on Batteryman!

Woot woot! Thanks so much guys!

Adcrusher @ 9/1/2017 22:32 commented on Big Bird

I find it interesting you didn't know what bickering meant Hapiel. Where I'm from (northeast US) that word is used like... all the time. I assume its not as common where you grew up?

Adcrusher @ 7/12/2017 20:20 commented on Big Bird

Why do people purge their gallaries? Seems like less work to just not come back to the site ever again.

Adcrusher @ 6/15/2017 21:47 commented on Big Bird

You know what they say, any press is good press. Getting a bunch of negative attention is better than having the game completely slip under the radar.

Adcrusher @ 6/9/2017 09:00 commented on Chilling at the bonfire

Wow this is amazing! The blue/orange color scheme works incredibly well, I love how those play into eachother. Fire animation is also on point! Nice work :D

Adcrusher @ 6/7/2017 17:15 commented on Ninja Turtle Action

I chose a solid background because his sais are white and the fx is very bright, so if someone is using a white theme they would be invisible :)

Adcrusher @ 5/18/2017 20:38 commented on Blasto

I always wondered what these weird things were in Pocky and Rocky. I thought the developers had just gone bonkers...

Adcrusher @ 2/23/2017 12:29 commented on Big Bird

Second, Wix will open up DeviantArt’s repository of art and creative community to the Wix platform, giving Wix’s users access to that work to use in their own site building."

Wait what? So people using Wix to make their website can take art from Deviant Art and use it without consent of the artist? Is that correct or am I reading it wrong?

Adcrusher @ 2/17/2017 10:43 commented on Big Bird

How effective was greenlight at letting in quality games? I mean the amount of garbage games on steam definitely went up, but how many bad games were they keeping out? 

If the fee is as low as 100 or 200 dollars, I don't think it will slow the flow of crap games coming in. It seems to me that if you're willing to go through all of the work of making a game and putting it on greenlight, that amount of money isn't a big enough hurdle to deter you. But if it's 1000 dollars, you could be keeping out good games that just don't have much capital. 

What about a system similar to pixeljoint where devs submit games and Valve mods maintain a standard level of quality in games they accept. I mean I think the goal from Valve's perspective is to be more hands off, but I think this is what I'd want both as a developer and a steam user. 

Adcrusher @ 2/7/2017 20:24 commented on Big Bird

Is 6 Simon Anderson(Snake)? It looks a bit like him, though it could just be the long hair.

Adcrusher @ 1/15/2017 19:10 commented on Claw Girl

Nice! Really digging the smear frames! Definetly has a unique style to it. 

Adcrusher @ 1/7/2017 20:53 commented on Smashin' Stuff

Thanks guys!
@Yolks I get a lot of ideas off of pinterest, searching for fx animation or something like that. I think 7even gets his ideas from there too :)

Adcrusher @ 1/7/2017 14:47 commented on Big Bird

Oh wow! Well... I never would have found that anyway :P

Adcrusher @ 1/6/2017 13:16 commented on Big Bird

Don't worry everone, I've found rudolph! Well... maybe. I pm'd Tomic my answer, and once I find out if I'm correct then I'll give my congratulation speech.

Adcrusher @ 1/4/2017 21:42 commented on Big Bird

That seems like it would be fun to use! Though, I don't know how practical it actually would be. It seems like it'd frustrating to have the computer control the timing of the frames for you. It's essentially the same thing as have a keyboard shortcut of "Next Frame" and then pressing it every second or so as you draw flames going up, except you don't get to control the timing of when the frame switches. 

Adcrusher @ 12/27/2016 15:39 commented on Big Bird

Oh wow... this is real? I'm all for pixelart graphics but couldn't they have modernized it a bit? Same player sprites, reusing enemy sprites... Even the a couple of new characters looked very ameature. PA technique has come a long way since then, reusing graphics from the 80's makes it feel like they're trying to make a quick buck. Well, I guess this game will probably be added to the fire of people complaining that pixelart is only used for nostalgia.

Adcrusher @ 12/10/2016 10:43 commented on demon at work

Excellent weight in all of these! Nice work!

Adcrusher @ 11/27/2016 17:59 commented on Murder Quest III

I guess we're going to be needing a whole studio full of Junkboys then! 

Adcrusher @ 11/27/2016 13:16 commented on Murder Quest III

Dang you junkboy! Your style is so awesome, instantly recognizable. Really nice work! I would love to see a game in this style.

Adcrusher @ 11/19/2016 08:43 commented on Big Bird

I did a couple perler bead pixelarts, and used the image specs to get the number for colors. Really helpful!

Adcrusher @ 11/18/2016 15:57 commented on Big Bird

Or height*width*percentage, I don't know if you consider that easy though.

Adcrusher @ 10/22/2016 20:47 commented on Duelyst Medley

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!
@DatMuffinMan Genji was definitely an inspiration, and I may or may not have been told to make it look like him 

Adcrusher @ 10/1/2016 07:35 commented on Magmar Helmet

Nice! When I saw the preview, I thought, "What? I don't remember that artifact?" haha.

As for the sprite itself, it's petty strong! The technique and pixel work inside the helmet imitates Unseven's really well. However the horns on the helmet are not birght enough, they get lost in the aura around it. I would bring in a bright white in order to make them stand out. The aura itself is not bad, but I think it's a little bit pixelly. Breaking off the bits of energy in larger chunks, then allowing them to dissolve will make your aura feel less 'gritty'. 

Nice work, and best of luck in the contest 


Adcrusher @ 9/15/2016 21:06 commented on Big Bird

It can really be hit or miss, there's some luck that goes into what kind of response you get. Just depends on the number of people that see it while it's on the front page. It's a pretty nice peice though, You've put a lot of work into it in the critique forums.

Adcrusher @ 9/14/2016 20:37 commented on Big Bird

I own 1x1 and I thought it as pretty bad. It's been so long since I've looked at it/read it, so I don't quite remember why. But I was excited to have a book about pixelart and then I remember being pretty dissappointed... I'll have to go back and look through to find out what exactly I didn't like about it.