ErekT @ 2/15/2017 15:01 commented on 5734L3R's gameplay objects

Insta-fav, love everything about it :)

ErekT @ 1/12/2017 06:48 commented on Claw Girl

Very satisfying weightiness and motion blur, beautiful stuff man  :)

ErekT @ 12/30/2016 03:36 commented on Big Bird

On hedonism: It's an introspective attitude imo, and while you can argue that in order to maximize your own pleasure you need to cater to others as well, those others will still be secondary to your own wants; a means to an end. Maybe that's how humans are naturally inclined to act anyway but to embrace it as a guiding philosophy.. I dunno. Seems like a bit of a moral slippery slope to me.

ErekT @ 12/30/2016 03:01 commented on Big Bird

 0xDB: I understand your pessimism but I don't agree with it. The world *is* changing if you look beyond the perspective of our own lifespans. Opposition to war, attitudes towards racism... completely different story to what was going on in the western world 60+ years ago. People are more educated and information exchange is at a level you could only dream of even thirty years ago. Tremendous cynicism and distrust of political institutions and corporations as well. Of course the political and corporate elite resist it as best they can, but in the long run change will march on.

Also, we can't change the world but we can influence the people around us, including in online communities like this. Another thing that was impossible thirty years ago. 

ErekT @ 9/29/2016 21:48 commented on Creya

I think the palette, reduced color amount and contrast all make this much stronger than the previous versions. The face is the best of the lot too. The only thing I feel is off with this one is that right armpit that doesn't connect with the torso so well. And the boob/rest-of torso upper boundary seem to extend beyond what's natural if that make sense? Anyway, great one!

ErekT @ 7/19/2016 07:15 commented on Elven house

Ooh that's a nice vibe! :D

ErekT @ 3/15/2016 02:39 commented on Cyber Shadow - pause menu

Ninja swords are straight aren't they? No need for curves ;)

Great little menu, keep it up 

ErekT @ 2/26/2016 15:53 commented on Karate poses

Charming style :) The leg on the sweep pose looks very long, but maybe that's on purpose?

ErekT @ 2/24/2016 16:51 commented on 22

Very nice mood

ErekT @ 2/21/2016 08:57 commented on Gremmings

Very well done 

ErekT @ 2/15/2016 16:35 commented on Blues

Very nice! The colors man... good stuff :)

ErekT @ 2/15/2016 16:31 commented on Vault Intro Animation

Hehe, dig this :)

ErekT @ 2/15/2016 16:27 commented on Luigi and the Lemmings

I like that a lot, nice one :)

ErekT @ 2/14/2016 08:01 commented on Dragonslayer


ErekT @ 2/11/2016 11:58 commented on From Whole to Individual

These Nitrome pieces make me smile. Great stuff :)

ErekT @ 2/9/2016 11:12 commented on Full Moon over the Bamboo Forest

Yeh it's a cool myth, and damn fine execution.

ErekT @ 2/3/2016 14:46 commented on Cyber Shadow - Boss - Apparitor

Looks terrific!

ErekT @ 2/3/2016 13:40 commented on Oh, Deer! - unused faces

Hahaha shit...

They're sublime :)

ErekT @ 2/3/2016 11:05 commented on fgrsz

Oh that's nice! Unfinished scenes and stuff but the overall execution is sweet :)

ErekT @ 2/2/2016 15:09 commented on Finally, winter has come

Very nice colors and mood :)

ErekT @ 11/1/2015 16:29 commented on Golden Axe PICO-8 demake

A demake in this style would be absolutely great! Come on, dooo it... hehe :)

ErekT @ 9/14/2015 16:54 commented on Lighthouse At Night

Well done, sweet water effect :)

ErekT @ 9/14/2015 16:36 commented on Phoenix

Ah it's nice! The hand with the flame. Very pretty! 

If I'm gonna be all critical I'd say some anatomy and perspective seems slightly off. The biceps looks kinda long compared to the shoulder muscle area and his right eye area looks a bit too big somehow? Like it's drawn at a slightly different angle.

But I'm being nitpicky. I dig the metal arm and leg and general concept. Solid stuff.

ErekT @ 9/14/2015 16:28 commented on Bonsai !


ErekT @ 7/22/2015 12:29 commented on Xydonia Fighter Select Mockup

Well done! I'm digging it.