Kurisumasen @ 8/31/2011 05:46 commented on Sonic Rainboom

So awesome!

Kurisumasen @ 6/3/2010 02:03 commented on Colorloss camping [challenge]

I'd say this was one of my favorites for the challenge!

I somehow liked the overall feeling, and great use of the palette.

Kurisumasen @ 2/3/2010 06:48 commented on bug fight - challenge entry

I love your palette!

And what you've created with it. The colour change really made it awesome. You've got my vote for the challenge.


Kurisumasen @ 11/29/2009 13:37 commented on Don Jeervanni

Amazing idea, and of course, beatifully expressed trough 8 colours.


@ shoop: The challenge canvas restriction is 150,50 :D

Kurisumasen @ 11/27/2009 00:34 commented on Music campfire

Oh, thanks for pointing that out. I thought I got that one pixel removed...

Kurisumasen @ 11/27/2009 00:31 commented on Danger mitting

Amazing picture!

I feel pity for that lone bastard, facing the ultimate.

Kurisumasen @ 11/25/2009 13:34 commented on The Spartan

This one is totally amazing!

3 colours and black? I can hardly believe it, but iy's right before my eyes. This is an amazing pieace of art. You have my respect.