NaazaSaburo @ 11/1/2005 13:42 commented on TRVE MASTERS OF NEBULAR FROST
Wow. Finished or not, that's a fave.

NaazaSaburo @ 10/30/2005 11:12 commented on Park
Its a bit small.. But other than that, I like it.

NaazaSaburo @ 10/29/2005 23:07 commented on Big Bird
Dream Job: Not really sure at this point.

Current Job: Student

Side Job: Grocery clerk =D

I cannot: Sing

Therefore I would make a good: Ashlee Simpson

NaazaSaburo @ 10/22/2005 16:55 commented on Commander Keen
Commander Keen was sweet. Nice work.

NaazaSaburo @ 10/22/2005 16:46 commented on Pixeleen contst entry
That is wicked, dude. Nice job with the animation.

NaazaSaburo @ 10/21/2005 16:41 commented on Snooker Table
Nice looking little snooker table. Very simple, very neat. I definately like it.