Chis @ 9/29/2012 20:03 commented on Ijerah

 Thank you! It's original but inspired by native american colors and clothing.

Chis @ 9/29/2012 20:00 commented on Ijerah

 Thank you so much! That's great 8D

Chis @ 9/27/2012 20:27 commented on Ijerah

 Thank you very much!

Chis @ 9/27/2012 20:26 commented on Ijerah

 Thank you so much! The cluttering was something I was struggling with, so I'm glad it worked out.

Chis @ 9/26/2012 13:34 commented on Ijerah

 Thank you! :D

Chis @ 4/8/2012 10:11 commented on Fruit alpaca

 Thank you! I think it started to resemble watercolor when I added the bleeding edges.

Chis @ 4/7/2012 22:55 commented on Fruit alpaca

 I don't know what was up with that, actually. It seems I left the brush at 99% opacity or something because there were a lot of almost-duplicate colors. It should be fixed now :D thanks!

Chis @ 5/23/2011 19:37 commented on Walking knight

 Hey, thanks everyone for your comments!

@Eldboll: The arm movement was to give him character, but yeah, it's probably too drastic. I'll tone it down when I get a chance. Thanks!

@jalonso: Yeah, that's definitely it. I thought the top half was too exaggerated, but hey, this will probably fix it. :D Thank you!

@Papermoon: 8 frames wooo! Not sure why, but all my walk cycles end up being 8 frames.

Chis @ 11/14/2010 13:16 commented on Dancer

 Thanks guys!

Oops, completely overlooked the thumb. There's some weird pixels that shouldn't be there ...

They say that college is when you get to relax and have fun, which is a big fat lie 

Chis @ 5/30/2010 21:25 commented on icon

 There is a full version in his gallery (although lacking a slash animation).

Brilliant before and still brilliant now :D Although I think that as an avatar you should add deco or obnoxiously flashy animation or something.

Chis @ 5/30/2010 18:40 commented on Char sketch - jump

 You are right o_o ah well, I don't think it fits the other restrictions unfortunately. But thanks!

Chis @ 5/30/2010 10:52 commented on Xyloid Yak - Ordered Pixels Challenge

 I give you mad props for the xy.

I do love the concept but I think you could spice it up with some leaves or branches or other breaks in the texture. :)

Chis @ 5/30/2010 10:49 commented on Char sketch - jump

 Yeah I was bothered by that, but since she's going to be in a game I think that a longer crouch would irritate the player, so I sacrificed realism for practicality. Her legs are actually pretty bent in that frame; it's just too short to notice. I'll play around with it and see if I can find a happy compromise. Thanks!

Chis @ 5/30/2010 09:52 commented on Char sketch - jump

 xD Thanks for the help and comments.

Chis @ 5/30/2010 09:40 commented on Char sketch - jump

 Fixed at the expense of the animation 

Lol these smileys creep me out.

Chis @ 5/30/2010 09:10 commented on You come get da voodoo

The skin needs some more contrast, but damn I love your hair.

Chis @ 5/17/2010 17:17 commented on Icon #1

Gorgeous colors and style :D

Chis @ 5/15/2010 10:33 commented on Ah, hiru ka.

 I've played Earthbound but not Mother (Earthbound is pretty strange too). But yeah I totally agree, although sometimes it's hard to make it come out D:

Chis @ 5/15/2010 07:55 commented on Fried Chicken

I like the road texture :D

Yeah, agreed about the legs. From the way the chicken was waving its arms and leaning to the left, I almost thought it was chasing after the frying pan.

Chis @ 5/14/2010 12:37 commented on Ah, hiru ka.

You make the strangest, most interesting animations :O

Chis @ 5/14/2010 12:26 commented on Knytt mockup

Thanks everyone :D

rik: I darkened the trunk to make it stand out more. I was going for a willow tree, and yeah it is a bit blobbish but I've seen Nifflas draw blobby trees too? :o

Saludarus: Shucks :S not like knytt stories either?

Chis @ 5/14/2010 12:16 commented on Tree map

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Stray pixel obliterated. Yeah, I uh ... fixed the preview too.

I actually planned for this to be the first level of a game I wanted to make, except I got lazy. So there would've been a background, but with parallax so it'd technically be smaller. I should get started on that.

I'd love to AA except I'm also too lazy to attempt something this big. :P

Chis @ 5/13/2010 20:40 commented on Knytt mockup

Well, I was sorta going for the whole Knytt-ish style like here. Unless you're saying I didn't do justice to it? D:

But thanks for the critique.


Chis @ 4/8/2010 14:50 commented on 8-Frame Walk

Nice first try :) She's got a lot of character.

At that speed, I highly doubt her scarf would be flowing so far behind her unless it's really windy or something.

She looks like she's just moving her legs back and forth in space; she never lifts her legs and propells herself forward on the ground. The animation's also jerks when her legs are most spread apart.

Try walking yourself or asking someone to walk in front of you to get the feel of it. Also, this might help.

Chis @ 4/7/2010 18:09 commented on thetaupe video game

  Lmfao, I love how he just walks through level 4.