Vital @ 8/2/2011 02:15 commented on Professor Mugshot

Bardzo ciekawa technika i styl, szkoda że tu i ówdzie przebijają się niepotrzebne pixelki.

Ogólnie - dla mnie bomba:)

Vital @ 7/30/2011 15:54 commented on Suicidal Thoughts


[POST DELETED] - sorry for my childish stupid words, nevermind.

Vital @ 7/28/2011 02:25 commented on RPG monster set


Vital @ 7/6/2011 05:58 commented on NEStalgia

thx for my new deskop wallpaper :)

Vital @ 6/13/2011 11:15 commented on The burger factory

reminds me this old piece done by my buddy eXscythe:

Vital @ 5/18/2011 11:48 commented on an angel

 sure, feel free to use it, I'll be glad if You could put me in credits (f. ex. in picture info)

Vital @ 5/5/2011 13:29 commented on Rainbow cake! ^^

Vital @ 5/3/2011 08:36 commented on The city watch

Pratchett's fan reports in!

love it 

Vital @ 4/8/2011 05:38 commented on Get to Know the Artist

 <3 *_*

Vital @ 4/4/2011 07:55 commented on Pirate of the 777 Seas

 Newfags can't triforce!

Vital @ 3/20/2011 12:25 commented on an angel

Big Brother- 'Vital Vitalzky likes it'

Vital @ 3/15/2011 12:27 commented on an angel

 Demon11777 - you are right :)

Thx for comments guys:)

Vital @ 11/27/2010 15:13 commented on Old age munant ninja turtle - for everyone who loves true pixelz.

one love brother

Vital @ 10/12/2010 03:35 commented on ArtCore

I still have problems with colour displaying at my monitors. If I'm doing something at my laptop it looks so badly on PC, and vice versa ;/ This time I was drawing on PC and I don't see it, I'll check it on my laptop:P


Vital @ 10/12/2010 03:30 commented on Lizardman Animation

Yup, something like that ;D

Only when I've published that animation I've found that idea is as stupid as it's possible:D

Vital @ 10/11/2010 06:44 commented on random face

At first I have prepared about 6 shades of grey and started to draw eyes and nose, then rest of head -  it proved that I needed 2 more colours. At beginning I wanted to draw more than You can see here, but I wasn't pleased how it looks - especially the robe. So I've just finished it. In general - freestyle;) That means no refer images, it isn't anyone's portrait.

If  You want to see my 'workflow' at another image, check :)

Vital @ 10/10/2010 00:49 commented on Shadow of the Sushi mockup

Niiiiceeee, I see a lot of work here:)

Interesting backgrounds, I'd draw hero and enemies in a bit different style, but they doesn't  disturb;)

Vital @ 10/9/2010 05:57 commented on Shop

Yup, I'm not sure what do you mean when you are writing "remake".

Could you post a Work In Progress steps, and link to original picture which you "remaked"?

Vital @ 10/9/2010 04:54 commented on Suicide bomb

Hahah, great:D

Vital @ 10/9/2010 04:15 commented on Just a boy

uhm, I was sure that I have submitted a version with transparency ._. Sorry for this mess, thanks for comments and favs:)

Vital @ 10/9/2010 04:08 commented on Lizardman Animation

Thanks a lot for help guys, next time I'll know what to do:)

EDIT: Resubmitted, thx once again:)

Vital @ 4/13/2010 02:46 commented on THIS IS...

...over all :) Examples? My best friend on pixel-scene Tymon ( ) was banned because he reported errors in PJ site code which can be useful for hackers.

Nevermind, I'll be still active at site (Polish) if someone is interested in.

Vital @ 4/13/2010 01:31 commented on THIS IS...

I don't care about what you're talking, I just don't mind about it. I think it's the great moment to say good bye to PJ community (what I've planned for a few months) -after about five (?) years of membership on this site.


Vital @ 4/13/2010 00:52 commented on THIS IS...

Ok, I've marked main points as chin, position of eyes or mouth,etc. And I can swear that's all what I've done which may be controversial (?-_-)

Vital @ 4/12/2010 10:02 commented on The Artist's Dog - big brother palette study

: ))

just nice:)