Lóng @ 1/2/2015 07:08 commented on Painful Palette

I see Nicholas Cage

Also you made great use of the palette imo.

Lóng @ 12/29/2014 02:56 commented on [secret santa 2014] 4am at the river

I found Rudolph can't find Santa though. I also found a crocodile above the tree branch on the left.

Lóng @ 8/19/2014 11:22 commented on Dziewanna of the Woods

Turned out rather nicely. 

Lóng @ 11/4/2013 01:28 commented on Random Hufflepuff

 I would assume any color that by itself or in combination with other colors creates the effect of green is forbidden. 

Lóng @ 10/28/2013 01:20 commented on half zombie

 Reminds me of "Heart of Darkness" on the PSX.

Lóng @ 7/28/2013 06:19 commented on fjoas

Agree about the nose, here is a quick and messy edit not perfect but should still give an idea

Lóng @ 7/25/2013 05:15 commented on Wingzero

 I assume while to us his art looks noisy, his eye-condition apparantly does blur so to him it looks blended together.

Lóng @ 6/20/2013 05:22 commented on Big Bird

 I believe its more about how much one "realizes" during sketching rather than the sheer amount of it.

Lóng @ 6/7/2013 11:54 commented on Big Bird

And here I thought having hellisch toothpain to the degree of not being able to sleep, 

finally giving up and going to the dentist to get the tooth pulled out,

letting the doc convince me to diminisch 3 healthy teeth to make the one replacement more stable(eventhough I was pain free and could eat whatever I want)

getting temporary teeth that fall off at every goddamn bite, turning me into a rabbit only being able to eat in the middle,

accidentaly swallowing one of the temporary teeth causing fever

is bad.

Lóng @ 6/7/2013 11:46 commented on Thinking King

Love how effective this is.

Lóng @ 6/2/2013 02:57 commented on Big Bird

"all you'll ever be is what you happen to be" why isn't this enough?

As for the math statement, I'm aware how awfully limited math is my point was that I prefer thinking about stuff I can hope to find a clear provable answer to. Where I don't see how that should be the case for "What is being" for example, and I don't think any source can help here. I'd like to think that questions like that fall under the category "everyone is to answer these for themselves, or not".


Lóng @ 6/2/2013 02:15 commented on Big Bird

 this disscusion made me think of this I am eagerly awaiting the next step.

On a more or less serious note, just a thought that happened to cross my mind in the midst of this.

I just asked myself why think about stuff without the promise of a result, heck not even proposing that there should be one or is that the itself a result !? 

Thats why I rather like to stick to math :D

Lóng @ 5/26/2013 11:25 commented on Link's treasures

 I'm seriously impressed by how convincing the light-depiction here looks, well done!

Lóng @ 5/23/2013 13:08 commented on liondog

 For some reason I can't help but imagine this sprayed on the wall of a building, would make for a great view.


Lóng @ 5/5/2013 09:32 commented on 21831

Hey there nice to hear form you how 've you been?

 I actually posted earlier versions of the first 2 on the 32x32 activity.I pixel four 32x32 pieces from time to time for different reasons in this case to get the rust off, as for being related well maybe they are haven't thought of it just pixeled the first Idea that came to mind until I had four of these, the same goes more or less for picking colors, while I actually spent some time picking the ones for the second one.

I'm just gald I'm pixeling again :D

Lóng @ 4/12/2013 11:17 commented on Ura

 All of my yess!

Lóng @ 3/26/2013 02:21 commented on Perplexe

Quite pleasing to look at, also best signature ever.

Lóng @ 2/27/2013 02:45 commented on Big Bird

A slightly belated birthday greeting to Jal and Manu, wish you both well.


Lóng @ 1/6/2013 05:17 commented on Elephantastic!

 Wonderful design and colors, my favourite part is how the steam forms the ears.

Lóng @ 1/1/2013 00:53 commented on 21830

I wonder what kind of music would be on it.

Lóng @ 12/31/2012 10:50 commented on 21830

Thx guys glad you like this,

@magnaegorap: I see what you mean regarding the feet, It is not that severe it could be fixed by moving the far legs down a pixel I think and the over-all perspective is broken anyway.

@Stickman: I haven't thought of them as Egyptians(maybe I did it subconsuiosly) until you mentioned it, can't unsee it now:) the techno is refering to the color use I assume.

Lóng @ 12/29/2012 00:41 commented on Phang Na Bay, Thailand

Both Landscapes are quite impressive 

Very nice use of dithering here.

Lóng @ 12/26/2012 05:26 commented on Chocoland tileset test

I'm trying to reduce the amount of sweets-eating, looking at this delicacy is certainly not helping

Made a quick color edit all I did was reduce the amount of blue in the blues. The smilies in the background are a nice touch.

Lóng @ 12/24/2012 06:37 commented on Big Bird

Merry Xmas Manu! Love the avatar update especially the palette.

Lóng @ 12/18/2012 09:27 commented on 21828

Updated the wood texture, far from perfect, but should work better now, as for adding a highlight to the hat I have to disagree I want a highly saturated red and for that I have to use a midtone +I think the contrast is high enough right now.


Don't worry, the little helpers made sure no present was forgotten, as for getting lost on the way, well I guess Santa should've spend some extra bucks on getting that fancy GPS thingy :)