whutps @ 3/10/2010 23:40 commented on Big Bird

im bored

whutps @ 3/9/2010 18:59 commented on optical illusion

yes but its just optical because of how it looks on the screen :) 

whutps @ 2/12/2010 03:20 commented on 4Billion% Horsemen

amazing job but i suggest giving the flaming sword guy some leg armor his pants dont really fit :S

whutps @ 2/9/2010 18:25 commented on small guy animations

preety good but needs more motion

whutps @ 2/6/2010 21:38 commented on Colossal Katamari

wow thats amazing !

whutps @ 2/6/2010 21:22 commented on Dream Knight icon set

i like this , especially the little white guy