shiroikuamkoori @ 3/4/2010 06:23 commented on reimu 8-bit

firefox err, i think 3.5 .  oh sry i didnt know u have to press that xD.


hmm was thinking of animating  the smoke from the tea ._. .

shiroikuamkoori @ 3/2/2010 22:37 commented on reimu 8-bit

i did shade it but cut it since i wanted to use lesser color, think  i should remove the zoomed and replace it with the ' shaded ' version then


btw the zoom doesnt work well for me ._. it blurs.

shiroikuamkoori @ 3/1/2010 00:52 commented on Robot die explosion

o-o really  original boxish smoke explosion

shiroikuamkoori @ 3/1/2010 00:47 commented on Metal Slug Girl

this isnt really bad,  but working for a month on this ._. is quite crazy, but yea if only u could fix up the legs.

the tummy area looks  a bit  odd.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/27/2010 22:54 commented on Green emote pack

pretty sweet emotes ._. , really feel like using them myself.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/27/2010 05:48 commented on ice cream~

the dithering doesnt look that nice ._. hurts my eyes . but the character looks nice xD.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/27/2010 05:42 commented on C4 bounce

o_o '' he flew really high up, cool xD.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/27/2010 05:40 commented on bouncy :D

._. lol more bouncing  things.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/27/2010 05:38 commented on Lilie

looks really cute =o but yea.. 42 is rather.....  a lot.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/27/2010 05:33 commented on Japan/Snow

excellent =o. veryyy big differents from the preview xD.

@TheRobinHood , think that looks more like another umbrella to me lol looks kind of too big for a hat. but yea the contrast looks a bit wrong

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/27/2010 05:31 commented on Dentist

looks pretty ok it does give the correct ' feeling' that everyone has about dentist ._. ( yea , FEAR  ) well practice more,  its quite hard to make every part of a body look very nice x.x so its ok.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/21/2010 10:52 commented on water and grass

well i do finally get it after studying abit up on ' light' and look at some more real life picture.

to say i fail to mention x.x i made this base on an overhead view, so.. it wont really follow that principal does it ? ( like how u would see in most rpg)

but thanks a lot  , i did learn a lot, it will prove to be useful.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/21/2010 09:46 commented on water and grass

hmm i didnt know this, i dont really understand it fully but thanks for showing me, ill try to apply it to my future works.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/20/2010 22:03 commented on water and grass

hmm indeed.  i actaully did ' put darker' colors as it goes deeper, guess i sitll need to work on picking better colors but thanks a lot for showing me' . and to think of it, wonder why i didnt i though of looking for beach picture x.x.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/20/2010 06:51 commented on Giswald the Crazy Lumberjack

He looks very.. scary D:

hmm the axe could use some more shine and highlights, it looks too dull.

hmm may i know why hes wearing underwear and such weird shoes x.x?

its decent for your 3rd attempt xD .

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/20/2010 06:48 commented on Ruined old house

it also be nicer if it were, bigger. it quite nice beside its size.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/20/2010 06:39 commented on Necropath

well dont worry, practice makes perfect like people always say. this is already decent enough to the eye xD.

and reallly nice  looking sword, it does remind me of   he-man some how.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/20/2010 06:37 commented on Evermist Maiden

very good detailing on the wings.nice looking armor =o.

but the face could use more expression,like 'angry eyebrowns'

well keep up the good work lol im new to spirting as well xD . picking good color really is a problem =/( for me as well ;-;)

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/20/2010 06:33 commented on Red blizzard (remake)

looks very detail surely...but  err did u intend to leave the military trunk and car in the center , empty with no driver ? it is clear glass after all isnt it x.x unless it some type of super glass that cant be seen from the ourside.( just wondering )

pee on snowman is a win xD ( agrees with jaloso)

i havent seen your older version of this  but this is a nice piece  , it still possible to add more details.


shiroikuamkoori @ 2/20/2010 06:27 commented on Pigbit

o-o the frame is cute though, so thats a plus isnt  it xD.


hmm.. and yea this does remind me of pokemon as well. lol the tummy.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/20/2010 06:25 commented on Fatima Tileset

beautiful indeed, this very clean and detailed ( specially the kitchen part, love that )

It could however use sightly bit more randomizing( the floor, the carpet)  but hey it looks fine as it is .

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/20/2010 06:21 commented on -+Healing+-

its weird yes... but hey it looks cool other than that.

hmm his left hand looks a bit odd

that white part of his clothes ( hangging in between his legs)  shouldnt there be another hangging part behind as well ? just a suggestion from what i thought u might be drawing x.x.

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/20/2010 06:14 commented on tio

well guess thats wht missing, ill have to practice more on drawing faces D:. thx for pointing out wht i miss  xD( totally forget about the cheeks ._.)

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/15/2010 21:50 commented on Combat GB Mockup

looks neat , did u use 4 colors only ?

shiroikuamkoori @ 2/15/2010 21:49 commented on First

yes its pretty impressive for your first pixel ._. . well well maybe u would want to try abit of light source shading but thats optional.