StepDragon @ 5/17/2015 11:22 commented on Archipelago

I like where you're taking this. I also belive that you could use some more difinition on the water, and I agree with jalonso, the birds are out of place.

If you get a chance before the challenge is over, I threw together a quick edit for you. Its posted in the challenge thread. I hope it can help you out.

StepDragon @ 5/17/2015 11:06 commented on Simple Lava

Mmmm... Delicious

StepDragon @ 5/3/2015 09:17 commented on Wiimote

Sometimes I forget that I'm commenting in a community with such a great eye. I mispoke.

What I meant was, it was hard to read as lit compared to the other lights along that row. I think it needs somthing to make it stand out more. When I said brighter, I actually wasn't being literal, I meant make the 'light' appear brighter. I think the best way to acheive this readably would be to over saturate the blue. It may not be true to the source color, but in a single pixel, surrounded by a mute white, should read fine from a distance.

Thank you Goodlyay for pointing out that I needed to clarify this.

StepDragon @ 5/2/2015 21:08 commented on Wiimote

I like it. My only crit is that the player 1 light is hard to read as lit without zooming in. Being only one pixel, it may be worth exaggerating the brightness.

StepDragon @ 2/18/2015 17:21 commented on Red egg.


StepDragon @ 1/25/2015 21:47 commented on Surface Hell Background

The thing I love so much about this piece is that even though you could add more details, in its current form, it is very polished. I would love to see more pieces with this kind of style. Where most of the colors are blocked in, but all the edges, and seperations are very well thought out and executed.

StepDragon @ 11/22/2014 06:17 commented on Apparition of Majora

My recommendation is this:

after the eyes disappear, have the purple flame/smoke, whisp away and fill the container, eventually swirling into the corners until it disapates. I can see it, but its hard to describe. I think the end of the loop is too abrupt. I love how it appears with the flash of the eyes, but the disappearance is more abrupt than the appearance. It somwhat negates the while "I AM EVIL" vibe you get.

I hope I'm making any sense.

StepDragon @ 12/8/2013 13:21 commented on Heaven

 Am I the first person to notice the hand?

I'd like some back story to your piece. Is that the hand of god? Someone trying to climb to heaven? Showcasing that evil can still reach a place no matter how perfect? Very nice.

I agree that the dark outlines are a bit harsh, but otherwise great piece!


StepDragon @ 8/9/2013 10:00 commented on Discovering Hydration

 gah! I didn't even think of putting shadows under the trees! still time to edit before the challenge is over, thanks.

StepDragon @ 8/9/2013 08:24 commented on Demon/Angel Pixels 2 (NSFW)

 I'm so glad you went with the flames! I knew you could make it awesome!

(not that it wasn't already)

StepDragon @ 8/6/2013 04:17 commented on Friends

 Although I disagree that this needs to be viewed at 2x (I love looking at pixel perfect details, that's why I'm here!), I do love the scene, I love the colors, I love the style, I love the layout, its just an amazing piece!

I plan on doing scenes like this in the future, and your WIP will definately help me with technique in the future. I hope that link stays up for a while.

Thank you for sharing your hard work.

StepDragon @ 7/31/2013 18:45 commented on Captains cabin

 very nice! I find it cool that after I get back from a long break from PJ I see a new piece that I remember the WIP thread.

StepDragon @ 7/11/2013 19:01 commented on Calm

 You have a lot of skill, and it is showcased in this work. I love the background. I too believe that the foreground (specifically the pillars) could use a little more work. You already have a darker color in the ground which can be used to darken the pillars. One would think they would be the darkest color in the scene, but the dark on the ground throws off the eye. Still Fav'd though.

StepDragon @ 7/1/2013 09:01 commented on Tree Life

 Welcome to PJ! I like the piece. The fabric is a bit noisey, but the grass and bark are very well done. I really like the background as well. Very good color choices.

StepDragon @ 6/29/2013 08:21 commented on Bang!

 I like this. It reminds me a lot of word '98 clipart... in a good way.

StepDragon @ 6/25/2013 08:27 commented on Legged Log

 Looks like something right out of a new gameboy zelda game... I like it

StepDragon @ 6/25/2013 08:27 commented on Courage Scream

 Thank you for allowing me to relive my childhood

StepDragon @ 3/16/2012 19:04 commented on Room for one last project

 O.O      THOSE CLOUDS      O.O

StepDragon @ 2/9/2012 22:30 commented on the edge

 I would pay for a poster of this.

StepDragon @ 7/29/2010 14:01 commented on Mindkiller

 no words can describe the level of epicness this is.

StepDragon @ 7/29/2010 13:58 commented on Retro Green Village

 THIS is how ISO should be

StepDragon @ 7/29/2010 13:50 commented on Water!

 I love this!!! I've been trying to make water tiles for my game, but got nowhere any tips?

anyways. Favd.

StepDragon @ 7/26/2010 02:48 commented on Metroid Prime on Virtual Boy

 I know its too late now, but jaggies, basically means that there are some inconsistancies in the line work, having too many or few pixels in each level of a curve, which makes it less smooth looking.

StepDragon @ 7/25/2010 03:49 commented on Coyote And Road Runner


StepDragon @ 7/25/2010 03:37 commented on Metroid Prime on Virtual Boy

 I like it...

I'm also gonna say tho, since i like it soo much, there are some jaggies on the visor. specifically, the bright red at the top.

Also, the background with the dark red dithering is cool, but kinda distracting... is it possible to maybe feather it out with some less thick dithering? (so its less of blobs, and more of a wall (which i'm assuming it is))

Like i said, i really like this piece, and i want to giive it the best chance of winning, and i think with thease few improvements it could do really well.

edit, oh also, the radar has some jaggies as well...